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Project Management Infrastructure

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In 2011, the Eclipse Foundation began a new effort to replace the existing project management infrastructure--which includes the Developer Portal--with a new unified infrastructure with the intent to make project management activities more consistent and generally easier for all involved.

Themes of this effort include:

  • Improved consistency. Configuration/data-driven project web presence, direct linkage between releases, reviews, and plans. Information captured and retained in a consistent (and easily leveraged) data-based format (rather than documents in arbitrary formats).
  • All-in-one-place. Committers are able to edit information in place on the project information pages. Text/information in one place with links in another is eliminated where possible. Comments and discussion related to reviews, etc. is connected directly to the item being discussed.
  • Get started faster. By default, projects are provided with a data-driven website that includes consistent links to project releases, reviews, downloads, etc. Projects can opt to override the default and provide their own customized web presence.Setting up a project presence is a matter of configuration, not PHP programming against proprietary APIs.

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