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Project Management Infrastructure

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Project management functionality is being migrated from Eclipse Developer Portal into the Project Management Infrastructure. This document (and linked document) are works-in-progress.

The Eclipse Project Management Infrastructure (PMI) consolidates Eclipse project management activities into a single consistent location and experience.

Project Management Infrastructure themes:

  • Improved consistency. Configuration/data-driven project web presence, direct linkage between releases, reviews, and plans. Information--including basic project metadata, project plans, and release review information--is captured and retained in a consistent (and easily leveraged) data-based format (rather than in multiple documents in arbitrary formats).
  • All-in-one-place. Committers are able to edit information in place on the project information pages. Text/information in one place with links in another is eliminated where possible. Comments and discussion related to reviews, elections, etc. are connected directly to the item being discussed.
  • Get started faster. By default, projects are provided with a data-driven website that includes consistent links to project releases, reviews, downloads, etc. Projects can opt to override the default and provide their own customized web presence.Setting up a project presence is a matter of configuration, not PHP programming against proprietary APIs.

Migration to the PMI

The PMI replaces the Developer Portal along with other means of specifying project data, including project plans, IP Logs, and more. While we are migrating to the PMI, there will be a period of time where some functionality will rest in the old Developer Portal and some in the new infrastructure.

The link below provides information regarding the feature development schedule and where you can find the various bits of functionality.

Using the PMI

Current State

The Project Management Infrastructure is deployed for Eclipse projects and for LocationTech.

The current implementation supports:

  • Project, release, and review metadata
  • Simultaneous release participation

The Developer Portal is still used for:

  • All committer managment functionality
  • Intellectual Property Contribution Questionnaires


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