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Post freeze changes 3.2

Revision as of 13:54, 28 February 2006 by Bbokowski (Talk | contribs)

Despite the best intentions, there are always a small number of API changes that are required after the official API freeze. This page documents the API changes that were made during Eclipse 3.2 Callisto development after the 3.2 M5 API freeze.

Description Bug Approved Released
(intro) Add 'previewImage' attribute to intro theme element 128721 Fail.gif Fail.gif
org.eclipse.ui.intro.config.IntroConfigurer - added methods getMixinStyle(String, String), init(IIntroSite, Map), getThemeProperty(String), constant TB_ADDITIONS, fields IIntroSite site, Map themeProperties Fail.gif Fail.gif Check.gif
org.eclipse.ui.intro.config.ExtensionFactory - Class moved to org.eclipse.ui.intro.universal package in org.eclipse.ui.intro.universal plugin Fail.gif Fail.gif Check.gif
org.eclipse.jdt.apt.core.env.EclipseMirrorObject - Deleted interface Fail.gif Fail.gif Check.gif
Provisional API in JDT APT packages should be internal 129696 Fail.gif Fail.gif
org.eclipse.swt.SWT#BALLOON - New style constant N/A Check.gif Check.gif
Support enablement element in org.eclipse.ui.propertyPages extension point 106839 Check.gif Fail.gif
org.eclipse.ui.navigator plug-in - Refactor ActivationService to remove singleton pattern 125647 Check.gif Fail.gif
org.eclipse.ui.navigator plug-in - CommonViewer should use TreePathViewerSorter 125647 Check.gif Fail.gif
org.eclipse.ui.navigator plug-in - Complete definition of DND API 126658 Check.gif Fail.gif
org.eclipse.core.filebuffers.IFileBufferStatusCodes and org.eclipse.ui.editors.EditorsUI - new constant int CHARSET_MAPPING_FAILED 116841 Check.gif Check.gif
org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Tree - new method setSelection(TreeItem) 128970 Check.gif Check.gif
Change signature of methods RegistryStrategy#onStart(Object) to onStart(IExtensionRegistry) and onStop(Object) to onStop(IExtensionRegistry) 129196 Check.gif Check.gif
org.eclipse.jdt.ui.jarpackager.JarPackageData - New methods isDeprecationAware(), setDeprecationAware(boolean), RefactoringHistoryWizard constructor 128771 Check.gif Check.gif
org.eclipse.core.runtime.BundleFinder - deleted class. Plugin org.eclipse.equinox.common 128137 Check.gif Check.gif
[JFace] - API - access to images and colors for standard field decorations 129246 Check.gif Fail.gif
[Viewers] IDecorationContext.getContextIds() comment says it should be removed before M5 129377 Check.gif Fail.gif

Grey areas:

  • org.eclipse.osgi.baseadaptor.HookRegistery - get/setSignedBundleFileFactoryHook
  • org.eclipse.osgi.baseadaptor.SignedBundleFileFactoryHook - new class
  • org.eclipse.pde.ant.ConvertSchemaToHTML - deleted class (Ant task, unclear if this is API)

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