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  • Gaël Blondelle - Obeo
  • Silvia Mazzini and Paolo Panaroni from Intecs
  • Romain Berrendonner - Adacore
  • Christian Labezin - Xipp
  • Loic Salvado and Cedric Gava
  • Julien Delange from ESA
  • Mike Milinkovich, EF
  • Wayne Beaton and Andrew Ross, EF
  • Ralph Mueller, EF
  • Pierre Gaufillet
  • Jose Manuel Puerta
  • Alain Rossignol
  • Jorge and Miguel
  • Raphael Faudou


  • Status on the test infrastructure
  • Status on membership agreement
  • Discussion about the Charter
  • Information about the face2face meeting in Bilbao
  • Questions


Version alpha infrastructure

A Drupal instance Git repository Hudson Bugzilla Download artefacts Wiki page about how to forge


  • Ask for a short description of the experimentations. Gaël give the credentials to access the test infrastructure.
  • Organize a skype call so that Denis and Wayne show how to

Current experimentations:

  • Mathieu from Atos
  • Cedric Gava from Alyotech


  • Java JVM on the Polarsys infrastructure?

Why is it a test infrastructure:

  • Will it be deleted or rebooted at any time?
  • Projects should be created according to the Eclipse

Membership Agreement

All Polarsys members will have to sign the Polarsys participation agreement. Membership agreement will be posted to the list before the end of this week. Gaël and Ralph and Mike will be the contact if issues.


Under review. Everybody can review it and send comments on the list or to GaËl, Ralph, or Pierre.

Face to Face meeting in Bilbao

Wiki page for the meeting organization


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