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= Meetings and Events =
= Meetings and Events =
== Upcoming Events ==
March 13th - March 14th: [[Polarsys/BilbaoFace2Face | Bilbao Face2Face Meeting]]
March 28th afternoon: [[Polarsys/ECON2012Meeting | Polarsys Meeting at ECON 2012]]
May 23rd - May 24th : [[Polarsys/ToulouseMay2012Meeting | Polarsys meeting before EDT 2012]]
== Past Events ==
== Past Events ==
[[Polarsys/Telcos | Polarsys Telcos Minutes]]
[[Polarsys/Telcos | Polarsys Telcos Minutes]]

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Important Notice

PolarSys means are now hosted at http://polarsys.org and these wiki pages are migrating to http://polarsys.org/wiki.

Polarsys Industry Working Group

To be moved to PolarSys web site

The announcement of Polarsys in November 2011 is an achievement of a story that started in 2005. The goal is to organize the open source and business ecosystem around tools for the development of dependable embedded systems in order to create better tooling and to enable long term support for these tools.

As described in the Polarsys proposal, the group address four main aspects:

  • Open Innovation to create better methods and tools
  • Computer Assistance and Automation with a focus on Model Based System Engineering
  • Certification to ease the tools qualification in complex certification processes
  • Very Long Term Support because Embedded Systems and tools may be maintained for 40 years or more

The Polarsys Charter describes the governance and the different services of Polarsys.

Mailing lists

Already moved to http://polarsys.org/community

Polarsys discussions occur on two mailing lists:

  • Main Polarsys mailing list for general discussions and discussions about Polarsys processes.
  • Polarsys infra mailing list for discussions about the Polarsys collaboration infrastructure.


Meetings and Events

Past Events

Polarsys Telcos Minutes

Polarsys Past events


  • Presentation done by Ralph Mueller and Gaël Blondelle at ERTS2 2012 in Toulouse on Thursday February 2nd

Important topics

Release Engineering



Business Scenarii

Polarsys top level project proposal

Ideas for the ESA Summer of Code in Space

Targetted conferences

Projects and Components

List of Polarsys projects and components