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PluginFest Call Jan. 12, 2007

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In Attendance:
Borland - Klaus Wenger
Code Red - Derek Morris
IBM Klocwork - Dave Goldman
LynuxWorks - Sonia Leal
Macrobug - Adrian Taylor
Mentor Graphics - Jit Sivalogan
Motorola - Christian Kurzke
Perforce - Laurette Cisneros
Sony Ericsson - David Samuelsson, Robert Varttinen
STMicroelectronics - Salvatore Culcasi
Symbian - Thibaut Rouffineau
Telelogic - Doron Ben-Ari
Wind River - Doug Gaff

Discussion on Agenda:

  • First day registration from 08:30-09:00 is for participants to get badges and wireless internet keys, and get through Symbian security - program will start at 09:00 sharp
  • Each company will have about 5 minutes to introduce their product to the group
  • Testing will be at desks set up for 2 companies and they will work through a list of suggested checklist items while testing (e.g. version levels are correct, there are no installation problems, menu items work after installation, etc.)
  • There will be several informal sessions for networking and debugging
  • Day 2 will provide an update on Eclipse projects - CDT, DSDP, MTJ
  • Your top 5 companies to test with are needed in advance so we can produce a testing schedule
  • As much as possible, we would like notes posted in the event wiki on your results for each testing session
  • We also need to know in advance if your product is plugin or platform bundled

Discussion on Logistics:

  • Keep the London weather in mind when packing - about 10 degrees Celsius / 50 degrees Farenheit
  • Post any changes to representative names by Wednesday, January 17 as they are needed to produce name badges and give you Internet access
  • For North Americans, you will need a UK adapter for your power cord
  • Symbian has a casual dress code
  • Participants will be divided among 3 rooms for testing and a projector will be available for panel sessions
  • There are detailed directions to the Symbian office on the Symbian.com website
  • Participants must bring their own laptops for testing
  • Consensus is that everyone will use Windows OS
  • Participants are encouraged to communicate with the companies they want to test with via the emails listed on the event wiki
  • It's preferred that you bring a cd of your product for installation, but you may also send links to a free product download for installation in advance

Suggestions from the Call that will be Implemented:

  • More detailed directions to the Symbian office are needed (from airport, by tube) - an email will be sent to everyone next week
  • Participants need to indicate whith OS they're using - everyone agreed that Windows will be used for this event
  • Some companies want to talk rather than test during sessions and 90 minutes is too long - when companies email their top 5 preferences they will also indicate how long they think they would like to meet for and the testing sessions will be subdivided into smaller increments as needed