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PluginFest 2007/WR Telelogic

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  • Testers
    • WR: Martin Oberhuber, Doug Gaff
    • Yura Zharkovsky, Doron Ben-Ari
  • Products tested
    • WB 2.6, Telelogic 7.0 Maintenance Release 2
  • Overall Result
    • Integration worked after some workarounds
  • Tests
    • Build dishwasher example.
    • Run as an RTP on VxSim and look at statechart and sequence diagram animation.
  • Problems
    • During install, we put the rhapsody plugins into an external location, since the install was trying to put them in the 2.4 tree.
    • Had to change the rhapsody.ini file to specify the new path for WB 2.6. Directory structure changed from 2.4.
    • The Rhapsody project types need to be updated for WB 2.6. Some include paths for Rhapsody libraries are missing from the build spec. Also need to rebuild the libraries with the latest toolchains. We switched to Diab compiler and manually added the libraries. We then rebuilt the libraries for 2.6.
  • Screenshot

Wrwb rhapsody2 small.gif

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