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PluginFest 2007/MB Nokia

  • Companies
  • Participants from Macrobug
    • Adrian Taylor
  • Participants from Nokia
    • Ken Ryall
    • Don Podwall
  • Products tested and versions
    • Nokia Carbide.C++ 1.2 pre-beta
    • Macrobug Memory Leak Tracer 1.0.3 pre-alpha
  • How did the test go?
    • Problems with workarounds
  • What tests did you complete?
    • Installed Memory Leak Tracer 1.0.3 on a clean installation of Carbide 1.2 alpha on Adrian's laptop.
  • What problems did you find
    • Macrobug problem: Selecting a code item in the historical call stack did not go to the relevant code. This may not be related to the new version of Carbide as I (Adrian) have seen this before.
    • Nokia problem: when creating a new project it includes two versions of each file in the Project Explorer. This is apparently a known issue with this really early version of Carbide 1.2.
  • What resolutions did you find
    • n/a - everything worked well enough
  • Is there a screenshot?
    • Yes

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