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Plug-in Dependency Visualization

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Understanding dependencies between plug-ins in Eclipse is a complex task. The current plug-in dependency analysis tools available in Eclipse are restricted to simple tree views with drill-down support. This project aims at adding visualization support to the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) in order to help provide cognitive support to developers as they analyze their plug-in dependencies. This view is being done as part of the Google Summer Of Code.

The Project

The dependency visualization aims to provide a set of views to assist with plug-in dependency analysis tasks. In particular, the views will provide cognitive support to people as they attempt to understand the dependencies between their plug-ins.

For a complete description of the view, please visit the project website.


1. Complete the PDE View and add 3 plug-in filters

  • Filter by JRE Version (Bug#168729)
  • Filter by Enabled / Disabled (Bug#183658)
  • Filter by Regular Expression (on bundle name)

2. Add dependency path analysis (show why a plug-in is required by highlighting dependency paths).

3. Add improved navigation support

  • Forward and back button support
  • Add search support for the list of show plug-ins

4. Remove the dependency on GEF

Accessing the code

Look here for a complete description of how to access the code for the PDE Dependency View

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