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Platform UI MarkersView

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Markers View Design Notes

We are currently looking at some significant changes to how markers are represented in the Eclipse SDK.

The current implementation of a view for Tasks, Bookmarks and Problems is not sufficient for how many people are using markers.

Some of the key issues in no particular order are

  • Problems is the main markers view. It is not clear that tasks and bookmarks need to be separate
  • There are a lot of views in even moderately sized Eclipse applications. Consolidating these 3 views into one view would reduce clutter
  • Large applications have a very large amount of marker types to contend with and get a lot of updates that are just confusing to users as a result of having multiple builders in use
  • Filtering is too complex. There should be some good default filters and filtering in general needs to be simplified
  • Working set support is not tied to working set selection but rather resource selection
  • Columns are not configurable or expandable. Many fields (such as location) are not relevant to some markers with others need information we are not showing (like sourceId).
  • There is no markers view API for applications to expand

Step 1: An extendable markers view

The first step to this is to make a single, multi-instance markers view that replaces the problems, tasks and bookmarks view. The content would be specified by an extension in the markerSupport extension point.

This content needs to support

  • different default values for different perspectives. For instance the tasks content would be in use in the Resource perspective and the problems content would be used by the Java perspective.
  • activities so that content can be filtered out
  • a limited set of markerTypes to prevent transient markers being shown from multiple builders