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Platform UI Cycle

The following cycle will be observed for triage and build duties in the 3.6 release cycle.

Triage Tips and Tricks

We use the greasemonkey script at Greasemonkey script to automate some of our triage. It has the component areas described on the page. Please update your script from this site at the beginning of your triage cycle.

If the bug describes an error in a class and it is not obvious which component it belongs to, do a CVS History on that class to get an idea of which component most of the bugs that effect the class come from.

Build Submissions

Our schedule for build submissions is available at

We usually do the submission at 15:00 EDT the day prior to the build, but it is at the discretion of the Build Monkey. Please announce your build submission time to the list.

For a description of our submission procedure, see Platform UI/Build Submission

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