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Platform UI/Testing

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Revision as of 06:56, 11 December 2012 by (Talk | contribs) (Platform UI Test Plan for 4.3 M3)

Platform UI Test Plan for 4.3 M4

The goal of this test pass is to achieve full coverage of the SDK to get a good overall picture on the state of the build.

Verify bugs for [4.3 M4] and confirm your fixes have made it into 4.3 from [4.2.2].


  • Welcome/Intro has been re-enabled. Please test:
    • opening an empty workspace
    • installing something like EGit that should cause the welcome to re-appear
  • Contributions
    • The new Customize Perspective Dialog
  • RCP - the ide now has several optional plug-ins. Try making RCP apps with the ide and no optional plug-ins.
    • Try and create feature based RCP apps. org.eclipse.rcp is the main feature, and org.eclipse.e4.rcp contains all of the Eclipse4 bundles.
  • IDE - ensure that external modification followed by a refresh (F5) works as expected
  • Graphics
    • check for graphics that need to be updated

Also see the [Component Test Areas] plan. I've updated the document so please test some of the functionality in your area.


Mac Mountain Lion

  • Michael Rennie

Mac Leopard

  • Brian de Alwis

Vista or Windows 7

  • Eric Moffatt
  • Curtis Windatt (Win 7 x64)


  • Paul Webster, Bogdan Gheorge

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