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(Platform UI Test Plan for 4.3 RC1)
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* Eric Moffatt
* Eric Moffatt
* Daniel Rolka
* Daniel Rolka
* Wojtek Sudol
* Paul Elder
* Paul Elder
* Curtis Windatt
* Curtis Windatt

Revision as of 11:18, 23 August 2013

Platform UI Test Plan for 4.4 M1

The goal of this test pass is to achieve full coverage of the SDK to get a good overall picture on the state of the build.

Verify bugs for [4.4 M1].


See the component area testing page for the list of items to test.


Mac Mountain Lion

  • Michael Rennie

Mac Leopard

  • Brian de Alwis

Vista or Windows 7

  • Eric Moffatt
  • Daniel Rolka
  • Wojtek Sudol
  • Paul Elder
  • Curtis Windatt


  • Paul Webster
  • Bogdan Gheorge

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