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(Platform UI Test Plan for 3.7M7)
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Mac Leopard
Mac Leopard
* Prakash, Boris Bokowski
* Oleg Besedin (high contrast)
Vista or Windows 7
Vista or Windows 7
* Eric Moffatt
* Eric Moffatt, Dean Roberts
* Paul Webster
* Paul Webster
*Remy Suen, Oleg Besedin (high contrast)
*Remy Suen

Revision as of 08:48, 26 October 2011

Platform UI Test Plan for 4.2M3

The goal of this test pass is to achieve full coverage of the SDK to get a good overall picture on the state of the build.

Verify bugs for [3.8 M3] and [4.2 M3].


  • Accessibility. There have been numerous changes through the SDK in all components that could severely hamper accessibility.
    • High contrast
    • Screen reader
  • New problems, markers, bookmarks and tasks view. The problems view has been replaced and is ready for general testing. Concentrate on
    • All markers view
    • sorting and filtering
    • command enablement
  • Commands.
  • Contributions
    • The new Customize Perspective Dialog
  • Decorators
    • there have been a series of optimizations to decorator creation.
      • Look out for disposed widgets as a result of opening and closing views
      • confirm all decorations occur as expected
    • files should decorate with icons for the appropriate content type. This often will show itself with XML files. Try defining XML files of various types and ensure that they have the correct icon. Note any performance hits for this operation
  • RCP - the ide now has several optional plug-ins. Try making RCP apps with the ide and no optional plug-ins.
  • IDE - ensure that external modification followed by a refresh (F5) works as expected
  • Progress
    • check for multiple instances of the same job
    • confirm canceling works
    • confirm correct sort order
    • run in background preference should be tied to the Always Run In Background in the Progress Dialog
    • check the layout of all progress dialogs
  • Graphics
    • check for graphics that need to be updated

Also see the [Component Test Areas] plan. The current owners of the components is actually described in [Component Areas], but the suggestions of what to test are good.


Mac Leopard

  • Oleg Besedin (high contrast)

Vista or Windows 7

  • Eric Moffatt, Dean Roberts


  • Paul Webster


  • Remy Suen

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