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Platform UI/Plan/4.4/Milestones

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Revision as of 12:56, 4 July 2013 by (Talk | contribs) (Work assigned by milestones)

Work assigned by milestones

Bug work estimate assumptions.

  • We can average about 15 bugs per milestone for long-time committers, 10 bugs per milestone for new contributors.
  • 4.4 M1 wraps up at the beginning of August (maybe Aug 9th)
  • 4.4 M2 wraps up towards the end of September (maybe Sept 20th)
  • 4.3.1 approximate dates RC1 Aug 14th, RC2 Aug 28th, RC3 Sept 4th, RC4 Sept 11th
  • We can pull 2/3 of our bug allotment from 4.3.1 and the rest from 4.4
  • Our target to get 4.3.1 bugs done should be to finish by Aug 28th.


Bug TM Sev Assign Status Title
bug 403754 4.3.1 normal bsd NEW NPE when JavaModelException occurs opening an editor
bug 411791 4.3.1 minor bsd NEW [CSS] SWTException on shutdown
bug 408920 4.3.1 normal cwindatt NEW Minimizing Editor Stack does not minimise to tool bar
bug 400048 4.3.1 normal emoffatt NEW I have the shadow of the project Explorer even if i close the explorer.
bug 409324 4.3.1 major emoffatt NEW ISE in ContributedPartRenderer$2.setFocus
bug 409279 4.3.1 normal pelder NEW Follow EMF best practices for model loading/saving
bug 411465 4.3.1 major pelder NEW EditorPart#isSaveOnCloseNeeded() not called when closing Editor Part
bug 339740 4.3.1 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Examine the layout behavior
bug 399401 4.3.1 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Toolbars render in wrong location when perspective added to a perspective-less workbench
bug 401633 4.3.1 major Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Remove obvious performance bottlenecks
bug 402649 4.3.1 major Platform-UI-Inbox NEW javax.annotations and javax.inject sources missing in SDK build
bug 405681 4.3.1 enhancement Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Use tag to render stack below parts
bug 406003 4.3.1 major Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Persisting bindings forever results in bad/conflicting bindings that cannot be removed
bug 408348 4.3.1 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Activating the minimized shared area does not activate a part in it
bug 408740 4.3.1 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Define / Refine the way we want activation to work when we switch perspectives.
bug 408849 4.3.1 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Maintain activation through DnD gestures
bug 411051 4.3.1 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW ModelAssembler fails silently if fragment cannot be applied and does not print name of offending bundle
bug 411054 4.3.1 major Platform-UI-Inbox NEW NPE in HandledContributionItem.canExecuteItem()
bug 411147 4.3.1 major Platform-UI-Inbox NEW ServiceLocator#getService(Class) may register an invalid service object; IEclipseContext#get(Class) does not handle NOT_A_VALUE
bug 411503 4.3.1 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW "Hidden tabs' filenames should be bolded in ""Show List"" drop-down of tabbed editor view."
bug 349226 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW "Unexternalized ""Application Category"" for Keys Preferences"
bug 364046 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [regression] Perspective switcher does not allow to reorder prespectives
bug 373294 4.3.1 major platform-ui-triaged NEW Improve startup time
bug 384009 4.3.1 trivial platform-ui-triaged NEW """Workspace in use"" error message is impolite"
bug 384108 4.3.1 major platform-ui-triaged NEW JUnit plug-in icon no longer shows progress while executing tests
bug 385394 4.3.1 major platform-ui-triaged NEW Performance issue regarding enabled state handling for menuContributions containing command (ToolItemUpdateTimer puts constant load on CPU)
bug 385618 4.3.1 major platform-ui-triaged NEW View toggle does not work
bug 388617 4.3.1 major platform-ui-triaged NEW [regression] Active editor changed when switching perspective
bug 392414 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Last edit location doesn't work
bug 393365 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Quick Access drop down is not accessible
bug 393695 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [Regression] setGlobalActionHandlers(*) is stashing handlers in different locations
bug 398381 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Memory leak when ever calling context menu
bug 401321 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Null pointer exception seen while closing detached view
bug 406926 4.3.1 major platform-ui-triaged NEW view toolbar disapper when view max and then min
bug 407536 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Some ActionSets for CDT cannot be turned off when starting enabled
bug 409332 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Image/Icon information returned by EditorReference implementation is inconsistent with the IEditorPart implementation
bug 409423 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Setting clientArea disabled still allows typing in Editor
bug 409834 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Placeholder with secondary ID is being relocated to false container causing views to show at false location
bug 410049 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Complex Placeholderfolder construct does not get rendered
bug 410828 4.3.1 critical platform-ui-triaged NEW [DND] Editor closed and content lost when dropping detached editor's tab outside its window
bug 411602 4.3.1 critical platform-ui-triaged NEW CTRL+Q keyboard shortcut in any dialog closes the workbench without option to save
bug 412001 4.3.1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Ctrl+F in Browser widget in a dialog is wrongly forwarded to workbench window
bug 382263 4.3.1 normal pwebster NEW NPE at org.eclipse.jface.text.source.AnnotationPainter.removeAnnotationType
bug 408606 4.3.1 major pwebster NEW Conflict Commands
bug 411050 4.3.1 critical pwebster NEW Keybinding Context switching stops working after reporting a conflict when switching to sibling context
bug 377981 4.3.1 normal daniel.rolka ASSIGNED -perspective at product program arguments is not working in 4.2M6
bug 387951 4.3.1 normal daniel.rolka ASSIGNED Key bindings for custom context no longer works and conflicts are reported
bug 408763 4.3.1 normal daniel.rolka ASSIGNED The ImportExportPage filters allows an empty category to appear
bug 406780 4.3.1 normal Michael_Rennie ASSIGNED Javadoc problems in new E4 APIs
bug 396318 4.3.1 normal pelder ASSIGNED Save Resources dialog missing when selecting Close All from editor tab
bug 407422 4.3.1 major pelder ASSIGNED Mylyn context deactivation does not always close editors
bug 407511 4.3.1 normal Platform-UI-Inbox ASSIGNED Tooltips not reliably shown on truncated view titles
bug 408355 4.3.1 minor cwindatt REOPENED Review TrimStack data model (formerly context menu available on restore button of minimized empty editor stack)
bug 395839 4.3.1 normal daniel.rolka REOPENED AbstractEList$BasicIndexOutOfBoundsException when opening a context menu
bug 394348 4.3.1 major Platform-UI-Inbox REOPENED Constant and reoccurring crash with No more handles error

4.4 M1

Bug TM Sev Assign Status Title
bug 393703 4.4 M1 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW NotHandledException selecting inactive command under 'Previous Choices' in Quick access
bug 411855 4.4 M1 enhancement daniel_megert ASSIGNED ResourceEncodingFieldEditor: Adopt ResourcesPlugin.DEFAULT_PREF_SEPARATE_DERIVED_ENCODINGS
bug 411287 4.4 M1 normal pwebster REOPENED Quick Access > Build Project is offered even if no valid selection exists
bug 385128 4.4 M1 normal daniel.rolka FIXED IWorkbenchPreferenceConstants.SHOW_PROGRESS_ON_STARTUP does nothing
bug 406275 4.4 M1 normal daniel.rolka FIXED Save All is disabled only after 2nd click
bug 411096 4.4 M1 normal daniel_megert FIXED Wrong version numbers in [e4].ui.workbench
bug 395213 4.4 M1 enhancement Platform-UI-Inbox FIXED Move requirement for JFace to Java 1.5?
bug 411321 4.4 M1 blocker Platform-UI-Inbox FIXED build fails with unusual resolution errors
bug 385987 4.4 M1 normal pwebster FIXED "Hidden tabs' filenames should be bolded in ""Show List"" drop-down of tabbed editor view."
bug 403331 4.4 M1 normal pwebster FIXED ModelAssembler fails silently if fragment cannot be applied and does not print name of offending bundle
bug 404312 4.4 M1 major pwebster FIXED NPE in HandledContributionItem.canExecuteItem()
bug 410068 4.4 M1 critical pwebster FIXED Keybinding Context switching stops working after reporting a conflict when switching to sibling context
bug 411156 4.4 M1 normal pwebster FIXED Update parent POMs for Luna
bug 411468 4.4 M1 minor pwebster FIXED ClassCastException in WorkbenchPage when showing E4 part using EPartService.showPart
bug 409996 4.4 M1 normal tom.hochstein FIXED 'Restore Defaults' does not work properly on Project Properties > Resource tab
bug 410528 4.4 M1 normal francisu FIXED [CommonNavigator] ProjectExplorer should use its viewer's label provider to build its content description
bug 410968 4.4 M1 normal markus_keller FIXED Need splash screen for Luna

4.4 M2

Bug TM Sev Assign Status Title

4.4 - unscheduled

Bug TM Sev Assign Status Title
bug 407418 4.4 enhancement bsd NEW """Import Existing Project"" wizard should allow filtering of already-installed projects"
bug 308689 4.4 normal cwindatt NEW [Dialogs] FilteredItemsSelectionDialog ignores single asterisk (*)
bug 189959 4.4 enhancement emoffatt NEW Allow for custom branded detached view windows
bug 208233 4.4 enhancement emoffatt NEW [Trim] Allow for sliding toolbars
bug 214974 4.4 enhancement emoffatt NEW [Workbench] Allow Workbench UI state to save/restore to user-provided Input/Output Streams
bug 249109 4.4 enhancement emoffatt NEW [Trim] set toolbar icons with drag and drop
bug 389478 4.4 enhancement emoffatt NEW Need IDE.openEditors(...) that allows to inject state
bug 371785 4.4 normal gheorghe NEW "Remove ""Default"" theme?"
bug 374017 4.4 normal javabrett NEW Enable refresh even when selection has closed projects
bug 409934 4.4 normal Michael_Rennie NEW Enable API tools for the e4.core bundles
bug 278631 4.4 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Extensions and E4
bug 377906 4.4 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Model / SWT interactions are not well enough defined
bug 377999 4.4 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Support per-element renderers
bug 378298 4.4 enhancement Platform-UI-Inbox NEW [Split editor] Allow nesting of Sash/Stack in a Stack
bug 378811 4.4 major Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Support separation of the Workspace and the saved UI Model (was: can't save and import perspectives)
bug 382224 4.4 enhancement Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Suggestion for an E4 Splash Screen Service
bug 398837 4.4 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW We need to revamp the e4 life cycle handling
bug 401655 4.4 enhancement Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Create e4 based Progress View
bug 410164 4.4 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Duplicate views appear after dragging view in share area and back to stack
bug 411386 4.4 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Enable separate UI presentations based on monitor configurations
bug 412322 4.4 normal Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Release ExtendedObjectSupplier as API for Eclipse 4.4
bug 117746 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [EditorMgmt] Editors should be able to treat large files specially (e.g. deny opening huge files)
bug 290008 4.4 enhancement platform-ui-triaged NEW [DnD] Enhance drag and drop to automatically surface the view/editor if hidden in a tab
bug 299493 4.4 enhancement platform-ui-triaged NEW Need a status line renderer / enhancements to trim model
bug 317379 4.4 enhancement platform-ui-triaged NEW [DetachedView] [Presentations] All detached views pop up when user clicks on only one of the detached views or main window
bug 325937 4.4 major platform-ui-triaged NEW Active part/stack hard to detect
bug 345762 4.4 major platform-ui-triaged NEW Tool bar in the photo demo's tab folder looks awful
bug 346009 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [DND] [Compatibility] Can't DND editors to an editor area in another window
bug 350251 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Strategy for porting useful org.eclipse.ui.* bits for Eclipse4 RCP apps
bug 351363 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [E4] Allow some of the 'standard' views to be used in E4 RCP apps without needing the compatibility layer
bug 351367 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Remove the use of the 'deltas' approach
bug 362420 4.4 enhancement platform-ui-triaged NEW "Make ""Quick access"" optional and hidden by default"
bug 374051 4.4 enhancement platform-ui-triaged NEW [JFace] SWTFocusBlockManager & FocusBlockHighlighter
bug 377293 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [Compatibility] ICommandService/IExecutionListener pattern needs re-visit
bug 384308 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [DND] Moving editors between windows not working (slow down of development on dual monitors)
bug 394386 4.4 major platform-ui-triaged NEW Step-Into and Step-Return interchanged in M3
bug 398925 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW After prolonged usage Eclipse becomes unusable : java.lang.Object cannot be cast to org.eclipse.e4.core.commands.EHandlerService
bug 403221 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [DetachedWindow] Eclipse secondary windows acts abnormally
bug 404231 4.4 major platform-ui-triaged NEW resetPerspectiveModel() does not reset the perspective
bug 404535 4.4 enhancement platform-ui-triaged NEW Enabling navigation history for inter tab navigation in multi page editors
bug 404727 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Make 3.x workbench resources available for e4 apps
bug 405262 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Duplicate Entries in Team Menu when in XML Editor
bug 405561 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Menu is not refreshed after perspective switch
bug 406097 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Add ability to drag and drop shared editor area
bug 407238 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Seperate window containing view has no title
bug 408309 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Legacy PerspectiveListeners aren't fired for perspectivePreDeactivated and perspectiveDeactivated
bug 409055 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Marker Properties do not resize
bug 409081 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW BIDI 4.2.2 : Welcome Page isn't correctly mirrored
bug 409622 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Perspective contributed via fragment is not registered in PerspectiveRegistry
bug 409678 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW @ProcessRemovals called before compatibility mode adds menu items
bug 410208 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Multiwindow Application Restore
bug 410426 4.4 major platform-ui-triaged NEW [Compatibility] VisibleWhen from contribution factories not handled in toolbars
bug 410432 4.4 major platform-ui-triaged NEW [Compatibility] Different behaviors for toolbar contribution through factories with bundle and target platform
bug 410485 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Wrong editor focused when there are multiple windows after closing Open Type
bug 410624 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [DND] Drag&Drop from Firefox onto Editor area fails
bug 410723 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW E4 misses a button for opening a new (fast) view
bug 410749 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Don't prompt to save on close when editor input opened elsewhere
bug 410787 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW No way to influence the SWT Style bits of a Window
bug 410973 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW [DND] IEditorPart loses custom icon on detach/move
bug 411017 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged NEW Retire org.eclipse.ui.examples.presentation?
bug 369860 4.4 major pwebster NEW Keybinding assist popup eats keys (for two-chord shortcuts)
bug 395084 4.4 normal daniel.rolka ASSIGNED "IWorkbench.showPerspective(id, window) not working after switching to 4.2.1 target"
bug 153470 4.4 enhancement emoffatt ASSIGNED [DND] API for managing and veto-ing the drag-n-drop of parts
bug 375393 4.4 normal sopotcela ASSIGNED Popup / Context Menu disapears after reopening a part (e4)
bug 374568 4.4 normal pwebster REOPENED Part menu is not rendered correctly after removing menu items.
bug 195672 4.4 normal emoffatt REOPENED "[DetachedView] Search dialog misses some options, if called from detached package explorer"
bug 375576 4.4 critical emoffatt REOPENED "Controls are not fully realized when partOpened(...) , partBroughtToTop(...) and partActivated(...) are called"
bug 407432 4.4 normal Michael_Rennie REOPENED Run the broken NLS string tool on UI bundles
bug 376486 4.4 critical Platform-UI-Inbox REOPENED Eclipse 4 IDE not extendable via fragments or processors
bug 401043 4.4 normal platform-ui-triaged REOPENED Replace container data with persistentData
bug 281455 4.4 normal pwebster REOPENED ConcurrentModificationException while closing project

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