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== 4.3.1 ==
== 4.3.1 ==
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{| class="wikitable" border="1"

Revision as of 10:48, 4 July 2013

Work assigned by milestones


Bug TM Assign Status Title
bug 406780 4.3.1 Michael Rennie ASSIGNED Javadoc problems in new E4 APIs
bug 339740 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Examine the layout behavior
bug 394348 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox REOPENED Constant and reoccurring crash with No more handles error
bug 399401 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Toolbars render in wrong location when perspective added to a perspective-less workbench
bug 401633 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Remove obvious performance bottlenecks
bug 402649 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW javax.annotations and javax.inject sources missing in SDK build
bug 405681 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Use tag to render stack below parts
bug 406003 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Persisting bindings forever results in bad/conflicting bindings that cannot be removed
bug 407511 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox ASSIGNED Tooltips not reliably shown on truncated view titles
bug 408348 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Activating the minimized shared area does not activate a part in it
bug 408740 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Define / Refine the way we want activation to work when we switch perspectives.
bug 408849 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Maintain activation through DnD gestures
bug 411051 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW ModelAssembler fails silently if fragment cannot be applied and does not print name of offending bundle
bug 411054 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW NPE in HandledContributionItem.canExecuteItem()
bug 411147 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW ServiceLocator#getService(Class) may register an invalid service object; IEclipseContext#get(Class) does not handle NOT_A_VALUE
bug 411503 4.3.1 Platform-UI-Inbox NEW Hidden tabs' filenames should be bolded in "Show List" drop-down of tabbed editor view.
bug 403754 4.3.1 Brian de Alwis NEW NPE when JavaModelException occurs opening an editor
bug 411791 4.3.1 Brian de Alwis NEW [CSS] SWTException on shutdown
bug 408355 4.3.1 Curtis Windatt REOPENED Review TrimStack data model (formerly context menu available on restore button of minimized empty editor stack)
bug 408920 4.3.1 Curtis Windatt NEW Minimizing Editor Stack does not minimise to tool bar
bug 377981 4.3.1 Daniel Rolka ASSIGNED -perspective at product program arguments is not working in 4.2M6
bug 387951 4.3.1 Daniel Rolka ASSIGNED Key bindings for custom context no longer works and conflicts are reported
bug 395839 4.3.1 Daniel Rolka REOPENED AbstractEList$BasicIndexOutOfBoundsException when opening a context menu
bug 408763 4.3.1 Daniel Rolka ASSIGNED The ImportExportPage filters allows an empty category to appear
bug 400048 4.3.1 Eric Moffatt NEW I have the shadow of the project Explorer even if i close the explorer.
bug 409324 4.3.1 Eric Moffatt NEW ISE in ContributedPartRenderer$2.setFocus
bug 396318 4.3.1 Paul Elder ASSIGNED Save Resources dialog missing when selecting Close All from editor tab
bug 407422 4.3.1 Paul Elder ASSIGNED Mylyn context deactivation does not always close editors
bug 409279 4.3.1 Paul Elder NEW Follow EMF best practices for model loading/saving
bug 411465 4.3.1 Paul Elder NEW EditorPart#isSaveOnCloseNeeded() not called when closing Editor Part
bug 349226 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Unexternalized "Application Category" for Keys Preferences
bug 364046 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW [regression] Perspective switcher does not allow to reorder prespectives
bug 373294 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Improve startup time
bug 384009 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW "Workspace in use" error message is impolite
bug 384108 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW JUnit plug-in icon no longer shows progress while executing tests
bug 385394 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Performance issue regarding enabled state handling for menuContributions containing command (ToolItemUpdateTimer puts constant load on CPU)
bug 385618 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW View toggle does not work
bug 388617 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW [regression] Active editor changed when switching perspective
bug 392414 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Last edit location doesn't work
bug 393365 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Quick Access drop down is not accessible
bug 393695 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW [Regression] setGlobalActionHandlers(*) is stashing handlers in different locations
bug 398381 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Memory leak when ever calling context menu
bug 401321 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Null pointer exception seen while closing detached view
bug 406926 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW view toolbar disapper when view max and then min
bug 407536 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Some ActionSets for CDT cannot be turned off when starting enabled
bug 409332 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Image/Icon information returned by EditorReference implementation is inconsistent with the IEditorPart implementation
bug 409423 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Setting clientArea disabled still allows typing in Editor
bug 409834 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Placeholder with secondary ID is being relocated to false container causing views to show at false location
bug 410049 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Complex Placeholderfolder construct does not get rendered
bug 410828 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW [DND] Editor closed and content lost when dropping detached editor's tab outside its window
bug 411602 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW CTRL+Q keyboard shortcut in any dialog closes the workbench without option to save
bug 412001 4.3.1 Platform UI Triaged NEW Ctrl+F in Browser widget in a dialog is wrongly forwarded to workbench window
bug 382263 4.3.1 Paul Webster NEW NPE at org.eclipse.jface.text.source.AnnotationPainter.removeAnnotationType
bug 408606 4.3.1 Paul Webster NEW Conflict Commands
bug 411050 4.3.1 Paul Webster NEW Keybinding Context switching stops working after reporting a conflict when switching to sibling context

4.4 M1

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