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Platform UI/Plan/4.4

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Planning page for Luna

Draft to develop a plan for our work in Luna


The general themes that we should focus on in Luna.

Exposing Eclipse4 in the Workbench

The Workbench (a.k.a compatibility layer) manipulates the model to host 3.x views and editors on it. In Luna we'd like to see Eclipse4 parts and other contributions contributed to the Workbench and provide 3.x wrappers to correctly interact with them in the Workbench.

Fragments and Extension Points

The fragment processing needs some more design work. The goal is to simplify the creation of fragments and to apply them in a standard way that is predictable.

Some enhancements in that area:

  • bug 324954 - [Model] Allow model fragments to use XPath-Syntax to decide where to contribute
  • bug 396974 - Multiple Parents for MenuContribution item

It would be nice if there was a tool where you could create your structure, select elements, and generate a fragment.

Graduate Relevant Eclipse4 tools

There are tools still in the E4 incubator that we should look at graduating or moth balling in Luna. Some currently under consideration:

The Lightweight CSS editor will probably need some work before it can graduate, as it would bring in the XText runtime. See bug 410841 - Explorer editing CSS with orion