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Platform UI/Plan/3.5

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This page contains blue sky thinking about the kind of things we would like to see in the immediate future of the Platform UI component. This is a place to collect ideas - it does not represent a commitment to implement the ideas.

Ongoing efforts

We usually spend time on all of the following.

  • Testing (both manual testing, and improving the test suites)
  • Regressions
  • Bug fixing
  • Performance
  • UI consistency
  • Exposing existing functionality as API where necessary (e.g. when important functionality required access to internals)
  • Accessibility
  • Internationalization, BiDi
  • Polish
  • Reliability / Stability / Security
  • Currency (new platforms, new versions of SWT, ICU4J, ...)

Common Navigator

Francis - please add items here.

Data Binding

  • Property-based Observables. (proposed - see bug 194734)
  • Builder API. Add API for easier building of bindings and their update strategies. (proposed - see bug 203492)
  • Integrating Community contributions. We have a number of patches that were submitted - these need to be reviewed and released. (committed)

P2 Integration

  • Extensible About Experience it would significantly improve the user experience if there was a way to tie the bundles presented in the About dialog to the mechanism that's capable of updating the bundles. However, hardcoding knowledge of the update manager is unacceptable. If the About experience was plugable, however, we might be able to achieve such a unified experience without harming the traditional RCP users who may not desire it. See bug 246875 for details. (proposed)

Misc (we should split this into themes when appropriate)

  • Improved Customization Support. The current "Customize Perspective" dialog is not very usable. Ideally, users should be able to hide UI elements (menu, toolbar, wizards, context menu, ...) that they don't need, and bring back previously hidden UI elements. Changing the order of UI elements may be too difficult given our current architecture. (proposed)
  • Multi-instance Properties View. The properties view does not allow a user to look at the properties of multiple items at the same time. We would like the ability to pin a properties view to one object and be able to open a different properties view for a different object, so they can be compared. (proposed)
  • Sharable Working Sets. The usefulness of working sets is limited by the fact they are not team sharable. An option to tag resources with the information, or the ability to generate a project with the working set info could be implemented. (proposed)
  • Richer Compare Editor. Help the Compare, Text, and JDT Teams to produce a richer compare editor, i.e., with more Java editor features enabled. (proposed)
  • Unified Desktop Notification Support Both Mylyn and Jazz implement their own mechanism for displaying desktop notifications (popups). A unified API that they can both share should exist at the workbench level. Please see bug 209911 and bug 177974 for details. (proposed)