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# Andrey Loskutov (Advantest Europe GmbH)
# Andrey Loskutov (Advantest Europe GmbH)
# Patrik Suzzi
# Patrik Suzzi
# Christian Pontesegger
# Christian Pontesegger (independant)
# Mickael Istria (Red Hat)
# Mickael Istria (Red Hat)
# Mikael Barbero (Eclipse Foundation)
# Mikael Barbero (Eclipse Foundation)
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# Olivier Thomann (IBM)
# Olivier Thomann (IBM)
# Stefan Xenos (Google)
# Stefan Xenos (Google)
# Alexander Rookie (Google)
# Alexander Rookey (Google)
# Sopot Cela (Red Hat)
# Jorge Cordouil Lima (Software ag)
# Mykola Milishov (independant)
# Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)
# Steve Francisco (IBM)
Proposed Agenda
Proposed Agenda

Revision as of 09:13, 24 October 2016

Eclipse Platform Summit @ EclipseCon Europe 2016 A one-day Eclipse Platform & Related Tools Summit will be held at EclipseCon Europe 2016 before the main conference. This is a chance for Eclipse Platform users and extenders, old and new to get together to collaborate and drive the future direction of the Eclipse platform project. The goal of this day is to exchange information, get a global vision of what we would like to have and to open the relative bugs to work on.

Examples for issues that could be discussed are:

  • Application model enhancement ,Feedback about migration, E4 usage, E4 tools vs E4 spies, Managing missing extension points ...
  • What is wrong, what is good
  • Test policies for committers
  • RAP/JavaFx/Vaadin implementations
  • Project communication
  • Any good idea !

Watch this space for other related Platform activities at EclipseCon Europe (BOFs, hackathons, etc).

Time/Location Monday October 24th 2016, Ludwigsburg, Germany, located at EclipseCon Europe, Forum am Schlosspark

Start at 10:00, Seminarraum 2

Registration Attendees please add your name to the list below and register for the Unconference:

If you are registering for the full conference, choose the Unconference as an additional item when you register. If you are attending the Unconference by itself, choose "Unconference only" when registering.

Attendees List

  1. Olivier Prouvost (OPCoach)
  2. Lars Vogel (vogella GmbH)
  3. Alexander Kurtakov (Red Hat)
  4. Andrey Loskutov (Advantest Europe GmbH)
  5. Patrik Suzzi
  6. Christian Pontesegger (independant)
  7. Mickael Istria (Red Hat)
  8. Mikael Barbero (Eclipse Foundation)
  9. Carsten Reckord (Yatta Solutions)
  10. Frederic Gurr (Eclipse Foundation)
  11. Olivier Thomann (IBM)
  12. Stefan Xenos (Google)
  13. Alexander Rookey (Google)
  14. Sopot Cela (Red Hat)
  15. Jorge Cordouil Lima (Software ag)
  16. Mykola Milishov (independant)
  17. Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)
  18. Steve Francisco (IBM)

Proposed Agenda

  1. What's planned Platform for 4.7? (Suggested by Lars)
  2. Migration of the e4 spys to PDE (Suggested by Lars, Olivier)
  3. How can be make e4 more attractive for Eclipse plug-in developers (Suggested by Olivier)
  4. What can be do to simplify the usage of the Eclipse IDE? (Suggested by Lars)
  5. What improvements are needed in SWT/JFace? Missing features, components? (Suggested by Alex)
    1. OS-level notifications
  6. What is the correct way to do logging? (Suggested by Lars)
  7. How to get more contributors involved? (Suggested by Andrey)
    1. Related topic: How can we get more committers to do code reviews?
  8. What do we need to be more productive as Platform committers (Suggested by Andrey)
    1. Infrastructure? (Hudson, jenkins,...)
    2. Tooling? (IDE, API tools,...)
    3. Project/repo ownership borders? (one-man teams vs trust)
  9. Eclipse Platform Best Practices to share (Sugg. by Patrik)
    1. How Platform team is going to interact with the UX Group?
    2. How to integrate Menus?
  10. CSS Engine status (Sugg. Brian via Mailing List)
    1. What are the current capabilities? Which are the limits? Is Apache Batik adequate? How we can improve?
  11. Preferences & Project properties as editors
  12. Ease more contextual progress report, especially in wizards.
  13. What is annoying about Eclipse?
  14. Removal of Display.syncExec calls? (Sugg. by Stefan)

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