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Platform/Team Synchronization on top of RSE

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The goal of this project is implementation of synchronization function on top of Remote System Explorer (RSE) using Eclipse Platform/Team Synchronization API. RSE provides transparent access to remote resources, including upload and download of files. Compare/merge of entire directory trees as well as minimal upload of trees thanks to Synchronization is currently a missing and often-asked-for feature. Initial Synchronization is already implemented by import/export so incremental synchronization is needed. The goals would be integrating Platform/Team synchronization APIs on top of RSE file providers first, and then improving the algorithms for performing remote comparisons with minimal data transfer (by using timestamps, file sizes and MD5 hashes eventually).



  • Martin Oberhuber(Mentor)
  • Takuya Miyamoto


  • org.eclipse.rse.*
  • org.eclipse.team.*


  • Provide a Synchronization on RSE.
  • Provide a possibility to re-run Synchronization which was run in the past.
  • Improve transfer performance.
  • Improve comparison method.


RSE Project page

TM Tutorial Eclipse Con 2008 document(ppt)

Synchronize API Introduction document(ppt)

Synchronize API Eclipse Help

RSE Architecture Eclipse Help


bug 185925 holds discussions, patches and documents for this feature

Current Status

As of September 2008, the official Summer of Code project is over, an Alpha version of the plugin is available for #Download via an update site.
See RSESync/Status and Ideas for what currently works or needs to be done.

Development of the plugin continues - everybody is welcome to contribute, by means of testing, patches, ideas or actually committing some code. The code is currently hosted on SourceForge, which means it is very easy for anyone to get commit rights for working on the code. Just create a SourceForge ID and make yourself known on the dsdp-tm-dev mailing list.

  • A snapshot of the plugins as per the september 2008 end-of-soc state has been attached to bug 185925.
  • CVS Repository: A Team Project Set can be imported into Eclipse easily for attaching to the SourceForge Repository: Save the Anonymous (read-only) or the Committer (write access) PSF file to a local disk, then in Eclipse do File > Import > Team > Project Set. For manual access with other tools, the data is
Root:  :pserver:anonymous@eclipse-incub.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/eclipse-incub
Password: empty
Module: soc2008/rse-sync


The plugin has been tested with Eclipse 3.4 / RSE 3.0 but should work fine on top of RSE 3.0.1 as well.

Community Proposals

Feel free to add your comments and ideas here, or on bugzilla bug 185925