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Platform-releng/Juno Git Migration Process

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Description of the process the Equinox RT and Eclipse projects are using to migrate to git

  1. Open a bug against the component for the migration.
  2. Platform releng will run a test migration and ask the committers to look at the test repository and update the bug with any changes that need to be made during the actual migration. For instance, some projects have asked that their bundles be reorganized into different subdirectories in git versus cvs.
  3. Plan a date for the actual migration
  4. Advise on the appropriate developer mailing list the date for the migration so the committers on that team are aware that the CVS repository should not be updated during that time.
  5. Migration proceeds and bug is updated with location of new git repository.
  6. Update the map files for the migrated bundles in HEAD and R3_7_maintenance branches of org.eclipse.releng so we can run tests builds
  7. Send another note to the mailing list advising that the migration is complete and all future development should proceed in git
  8. Update wiki documentation etc. to reflect the new git repo locations of source code