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Platform-releng/Juno Git Migration

The Eclipse top-level project is investigating migration to Git during the summer of 2011. Development towards both Juno and Indigo SR1 would continue in Git after migration

Current state

  • We have been doing test builds using p2 fetched from the git mirror automatically created by the foundation
  • This mirror is missing some tag/branch information so isn't reliable for test builds
  • Denis set up area where we can run test migrations to Git
  • Kim has run a test migration which she will then run a test build on
  • Still need to figure out how to exclude binaries from the migration to Git step
  • Then we can do a full test migration of all repositories and run a complete build

Issues blocking migration

Binaries in repositories

We currently check binaries into CVS in several places:
  • Base builder
  • SWT fragments
  • Equinox launcher and security fragments
  • Misc platform binaries such as file system, resources

These binaries bloat the repository which will make cloning repositories painful for developers. We decided on the following action:

  • Binaries are instead published to a p2 repository (the native binaries repository)
  • Build consumes binaries from p2 repositories and source from Git
  • These binary p2 repositories are only used as build input and not intended for wider consumption
  • Retention policy likely to be a single release for these binary repositories. Can always regenerate old binaries from source in the future so no need to retain them forever

Bootstrap process for the base builder becomes:

  • wget a stable platform runtime binary (milestone)
  • invoke command line p2 director to get the base builder from milestone repository
  • We will need a base builder product (bug ref??)

SWT build process:

  • SWT has a hudson build for generating their native binaries
  • Builder will fetch native source from Git using Git Ant task
  • Builder will push resulting fragment to the Eclipse project native binaries repository

Equinox launcher natives:

  • Similar to SWT above

Git repository granularity

We decided on a single Git repository per ACL. One common Eclipse TLP repository for doc and map files.

The same holds for Equinox, although Tom considering folding security component into bundles due to lack of active committers. The repositories for Equinox will be:

* Framework
* Bundles
* p2
* Security (maybe)
* Incubator

Git Ant task

We need a Git Ant task that invokes JGit for fetching SWT source as part of SWT hudson build. See bug 321237. This is apparently done (need to confirm it is avaiable and works for us on all platforms).

Issues for after migration

  • Renaming of e4 bundles
  • Stitching in R4 branch of org.eclipse.ui.workbench that is in separate location

Git fetch factory still uses command line git

    • Not yet ported to JGit but that's not blocking us

Eclipse-Source-Header support for Git still missing

    • Needed for Juno but not for Git migration


Including eGit in Eclipse SDK

  • Need project leadership discussion to ensure we can coordinate releases
  • Need a stable repository that we can consume from
  • Not something to tie to migration timeline
  • Do we even need to include it at all
  • Discuss at arch meeting

Remove org.eclipse.team.cvs feature from SDK?

CVS mirror of Git for maintenance streams

Leave CVS writable until we figure out 3.4.2+ story

Need author information for all committers past and present for migration tool

Tagging process

  • Build tags everything that is in master
  • If you don't want to contribute to build, put it in another branch