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Platform-releng/Juno Git Migration

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The Eclipse top-level project is investigating migration to Git during the summer of 2011. Development towards both Juno and Indigo SR1 would continue in Git after migration

Current state

Issues blocking migration

  • We currently check binaries into the

Issues for after migration

  • Renaming of e4 bundles
  • Stitching in R4 branch of org.eclipse.ui.workbench that is in separate location

Checking in binaries


Project layout

Timing of move

Moving Equinox

* Framework
* Bundles
* p2
* Security
* Incubator

Base builder: - wget the platform runtime binary - invoke command line director to get the base builder from milestone repository

SWT fragments - put SWT binaries in a p2 repository that is fetched during build - same for launchers

Eclipse-Source-Header support for Git still missing

    • Needed for Juno but not for Git migration

Git fetch factory still uses command line git

    • Not yet ported to JGit but that's not blocking us

  • Ant tasks for invoking JGit
    • Needed by SWT builder to fetch from git
    • Bug 321237 - has been marked fixed

State of test builds - Git mirror missing tags - Did a manual CVS->Git migration - Once that is done we can migrate Equinox, PDE, JDT - Need to figure out how to exclude binaries from the migration to Git step

Including eGit in Eclipse SDK

  • Need project leadership discussion to ensure we can coordinate releases
  • Need a stable repository that we can consume from
  • Not something to tie to migration timeline
  • Do we even need to include it at all
  • Discuss at arch meeting

Remove org.eclipse.team.cvs feature from SDK?

CVS mirror of Git for maintenance streams

Leave CVS writable until we figure out 3.4.2+ story

Need author information for all committers past and present for migration tool

Tagging process

  • Build tags everything that is in master
  • If you don't want to contribute to build, put it in another branch