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Platform-releng/Issues related to Mac App installations

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Eclipse SDK as a Mac App Installation

This page is intended as a "transition" page as our Eclipse SDK is made into a more standard "Mac App", rather than having a non-standard (for Apple users) "directory layout". It will change over time as as issues are addressed, and hopefully become obsolete with the Mars release.

Mars M6 Update Warning

For Mars M6, you can not "update" from an existing "directory layout" installation. You must download a fresh version, and start with that. In fact, for M6, there is nothing to prevent the update from being attempted, but will leave you with a broken installation. (Watch bug 462282.) In fact, even with the final Mars release, you will not be able to "update", but the plan is to prevent it from happening, and give a proper instructions to users if they try.

Recovering from a broken installation

In the event you did try to update, before the protections are put in place, this is the procedure to "recover" your previous installation with minimal effort. (Thanks to Markus Keller, who provided this outline, in bug 462282#13.)

  • Get a fresh download of M6 (or later) of the App you intend to use, such as from

Eclipse Project Downloads to create a fresh installation.

  • From the downloaded tar file, extract the to the location where you would like it to be.
  • Launch the fresh
  • Choose File > Import... > Install > From Existing Installation
  • Click Browse... and open the folder that contains your (broken)
  • Click Select All, Next, and Finish the import
  • After a restart, all your plug-ins are available and work as before.

Eclipse Apps are similar to "shared installs"

One change, from previous "directory layout" is that the "Eclipse App" will behave similar to what is called a "shared install". This is primarily due to the way Apple apps are "signed" where is is expected that nothing "under" will be changed (or, if it is it will "break" the signature).

This means that as you install new plugins, or make customizations, they are not saved "under", but are saved under

[TBD] ~/Library/Application Support/? ... ~/.eclipse/?

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