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Platform-releng/Indigo Build Changes

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This document captures work to be performed on the Eclipse project build process during the Indigo development cycle (July 2010 to June 2011). There are three main areas of work:

  1. Consolidate 3.x and 4.x stream builds
  2. Migrate build to eclipse.org hardware
  3. Migrate to using Hudson
  • change e4 bundle ownership to new groups
  • Move forked org.eclipse.ui.workbench bundle into a branch of the real project
  • Refactor e4 features to keep dependencies clean - separate graduated parts of CSS and modeled UI into separate features that can be included by org.eclipse.rcp
  • Change order of build to (3.7->4.1->e4 instead of (3.7->e4->4.1)
  • Signing of 4.1 builds
    • Short form of 4.1 build currently doesn't sign
    • Find a custom target somewhere in the 4.x build to perform signing of the right contents. After compile (post build)
  • Moving to hudson:
    • permission problem, hudson build cannot promote
    • need separate cron job to promote build afterwards
  • e4 bundle/package rename...
  • Move renamed graduated bundles into new home
  • Running all Eclipse SDK tests
    • fork tests that are affected by 4.x changes
  • Fork platform doc (ISV and user)

Moving 3.x builds to eclipse.org (mention in PMC call)

- Setting up windows tests - need to figure out how to spawn windows tests (virtualize or not?)
- Mac OS missing - maybe EclipseSource donation? 
- performance tests

Move to GIT

- git fetch factory for pde build
- is egit graduating?
- Can we just move some bundles to GIT or does the entire project have to move?