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Platform Releng Draft Indigo plan

This page highlights the proposed items for the platform releng plan for the Indigo release. The most important thing we hope to accomplish this release is to move the 3.7 build to run completely on hardware. In addition, we hope to have 4.1 tests running on hardware once the tests are refactored to take into account the new 4.0 internals.

  1. Streamline 4.0 and 3.7 builds Platform-releng/Indigo_Build_Changes Indigo build changes
  2. Move 3.7 build to run completely on hardware
  3. Invoke build on with hudson bug 247332
  4. Decouple build and test bug 261388
  5. Modular build (Using chaining aspects of hudson)
  6. Run compare tool against p2 repos instead of sdk bug 268851
  7. Mirror test bundles to repo bug 318514
  8. Reorganize build directory so only essential content is sent to mirrors bug 316620
  9. Run JUnit tests on Windows, Linux and mac on hardware. We need Mac hardware donations.
  10. Remove old platforms bug 317309

Milestone Plan

Milestone 1 (20100806)

  • Progress.gif 3.6.1 maintenance work

Milestone 2 (20100917)

  • Progress.gif 3.6.1 maintenance work

Milestone 3 (20101029)

  • Progress.gif 3.6.1 maintenance work

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