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Platform Releng Drafts Helios plan

This page highlights the proposed items for the platform releng plan for the Helios release. The general themes for this release are making the build accessible to other committers, make the tests complete more quickly through leveraging cloud computing, replacing multiple platform zips with repos and making the build more modular.

  1. Invoke build on build.eclipse.org with hudson bug 247332
  2. Decouple build and test bug 261388
  3. Run tests in the cloud
  4. modular build (Using chaining aspects of hudson)
  5. install tests with director instead of using dropins bug 266486
  6. replace many zips with repos bug 280622
  7. switch to JUnit4 bug 153429
  8. Nova theme on build page, move all .php to www.eclipse.org instead of download.eclipse.org bug 262440