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The document that used to be here has been moved to Platform-releng-faq-obsolete because the majority of Platform-releng-faq-obsolete was no longer accurate. There might still be some items there that are still true or interesting for some people, and, ideally, someone could, someday, go through each item carefully and decide if there is any merit to moving the item "up" to this document. But in the meantime, it was thought best to "start over".

Where are the basics of the Platform build documented?

Platform Build

Does that Platform Build document describe the so-called Production Build?

No, not exactly. It forms the heart of the production build, but there are other things done in the production build. Those are described in Platform Build Automated. So in general, anyone wanting to learn or reproduce our build should first read Platform Build and then read Platform Build Automated.

What other tasks does Platform Releng do?

Other tasks are described in several other documents, each has various degrees of accuracy or being up do date:

miscellaneous releng tasks
releng checklists
updating branding

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