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(Does that Platform Build document describe the so-called Production Build?)
(Trigger builds manually)
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     MINUTE Minutes within the hour (0–59)
     MINUTE Minutes within the hour (0–59)
     HOUR The hour of the day (0–23)
     HOUR The hour of the day (0–23)
     DOM The day of the month (1–31)
     DOM The day of the month (1–31)
     MONTH The month (1–12)
     MONTH The month (1–12)

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Where are the basics of the Platform build documented?

In Platform Build.

Does that Platform Build document describe the so-called Production Build?

No, not exactly. It forms the heart of the production build, but there are other things done in the production build. Those are described in Platform Build Automated. So in general, anyone wanting to learn or reproduce our build should first read Platform Build and then read Platform Build Automated.

Trigger builds manually

The builds can be triggered manually or scheduled to run at a specified time. The build jobs are available at releng JIPP instance. We use I-build for integration builds. These jobs can be directly triggered after logging in or can be scheduled by modifying the configuration of the specific job.

Syntax of cron consists of 5 fields separated by TAB or whitespace as below:

   MINUTE	Minutes within the hour (0–59)
   HOUR		The hour of the day (0–23)
   DOM		The day of the month (1–31)
   MONTH	The month (1–12)
   DOW		The day of the week (0–7) where 0 and 7 are Sunday, 1 is Monday, 2 is Tuesday, 3 is Wednesday, 4 is Thursday, 5 is Friday and 6 is Saturday

What other tasks does Platform Releng do?

Other tasks are described in several other documents, each has various degrees of accuracy or being up do date:

miscellaneous releng tasks
releng checklists
updating branding
publishing to Maven Central
build cleanup

Are there documents that Platform committers should read or be aware of?

The following are good, though some sections may need to be brought up to date.

the Eclipse Projects rhythm
incrementing version numbers
automated (production) testing
performance testing

What are common build problems?

Build failure with "Cannot satisfy dependency:"

Typical error message :

 [ERROR] Cannot resolve project dependencies:
 [ERROR]   Software being installed: org.eclipse.equinox.sdk.product 4.9.0.qualifier
 [ERROR]   Missing requirement: 3.15.0.v20180803-1236 requires 'org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; 
 [1.5.0.v20180710-1609,1.5.0.v20180710-1609]' but it could not be found
 [ERROR]   Cannot satisfy dependency: 3.15.0.v20180803-1236 depends on: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; 
 [ERROR]   Cannot satisfy dependency: org.eclipse.equinox.sdk.product 4.9.0.qualifier depends on: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; 0.0.0

Problem Analysis and solution:

This happens when we have nested features, in this case we have the following features nested. org.eclipse.equinox.server.p2 org.eclipse.equinox.serverside.sdk org.eclipse.equinox.server.p2 org.eclipse.equinox.sdk In the above case org.eclipse.equinox.server.p2 got modified and other feature did not recognize that. This causes comparator to replace other three features with baseline and causing above problem. Can be rectified by updating forceQualifierUpdate.txt file present alongside those features. Also raised Bug 537718 against Tycho to address this

Build failure while creating base builder

Typical error message:

 Installing 1.1.400.v20180727-1338.
 Installing 1.0.101.v20170602-0639.
 Installing 1.2.0.v201405010053.
 Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.
  Software being installed: API Tools 1.1.400.v20180727-1338 ( 1.1.400.v20180727-1338)
  Software currently installed: Eclipse Platform 4.8.0.I20180611-0500 (org.eclipse.platform.ide 4.8.0.I20180611-0500)
  Only one of the following can be installed at once: 
   Debug Core 3.12.0.v20180509-0959 (org.eclipse.debug.core 3.12.0.v20180509-0959)
   Debug Core 3.13.0.v20180728-0102 (org.eclipse.debug.core 3.13.0.v20180728-0102)
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
   From: Java Development Tools Launching Support 3.11.0.v20180728-0103 (org.eclipse.jdt.launching 3.11.0.v20180728-0103)
   To: osgi.bundle; org.eclipse.debug.core [3.13.0,4.0.0)
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
   From: Java Development Tools Launching Support 3.11.0.v20180728-2102 (org.eclipse.jdt.launching 3.11.0.v20180728-2102)
   To: osgi.bundle; org.eclipse.debug.core [3.13.0,4.0.0)
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
   From: API Tools 1.1.400.v20180727-1338 ( 1.1.400.v20180727-1338)
   To: osgi.bundle; org.eclipse.jdt.launching [3.6.100,4.0.0)
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
   From: Eclipse Platform 4.8.0.v20180611-0656 ( 4.8.0.v20180611-0656)
   To: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; org.eclipse.debug.core [3.12.0.v20180509-0959,3.12.0.v20180509-0959]
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
   From: Eclipse Platform 4.8.0.I20180611-0500 (org.eclipse.platform.ide 4.8.0.I20180611-0500)
   To: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; [4.8.0.v20180611-0656,4.8.0.v20180611-0656]

Problem Analysis and solution:

We use an eclipse instance for generating different build reports. This instance is created by adding,, and to eclipse platform product. If you see the above error message it implies that one of the above feature requires higher version of eclipse platform product. This errors happens because the p2director cannot upgrade through commandline. This can be fixed by changing the base dir and base label here

How to promote a failed build due to base builder creation failure

For this you'll need shell account During the build we create

eclipse build at

repo at and

equinox build at

Copy eclipse build folder to /home/data/httpd/

Copy equinox build folder to /home/data/httpd/

Copy repo folder to /home/data/httpd/

Update compositeArtifacts.jar and compositeContent.jar available for composite repo to include new repo.

What are common infrastructure issues affect releng

Infrastructure issues are documented here

Infrastructure issues at Eclipse foundation

Where are the old release engineering faq used till 4.4. release

They are documented here

Releng faq till 4.4. release

[Feel free to add more items to this document, when questions are frequently asked.]

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