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Location of Git and CVS repos

Git and CVS repos for releng related activity

branding plugins in platform/

features in features/
branding plugins in bundles/
platform feature for 3.x stream builds in oldfeatures/

map files

doc bundles in common/

The org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder and org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebuilder projects are still in CVS (/cvsroot/eclipse) They need to be migrated to Git by the end of 2012. The basebuilder project should really be 1) In its own repo because of it's binary content or 2) Convert the build to use a product build from the repo of SDK bundles and consume the custom bundles separately or 3) Just extract a SDK and add custom bundles to it

The complete list of Git repos for the Eclipse and Equinox projects are here Platform-releng/Git_Workflows

Basic overview of platform builds

Integration builds are in crontab of build user on build machine

Integration builds run from the tags of org.eclipse.releng in the integration branch of org.eclipse.releng

0 8 * * 2 cd /builds; /home/users/releng/buildTools/eclipse38/runIBuild

Nightly builds run from mastter of org.eclipse.releng

0 20 * * 1,2,3,5,0 cd /builds; /home/users/releng/buildTools/eclipse38/runNBuild-skipPerf
0 20 * * 4,6 cd /builds; /home/users/releng/buildTools/eclipse38/runNBuild-skipPerf

The machines used in the builds and their locations are listed in the FAQ.

A script runs once a week to clean the test machines

0 18 * * 0 /home/users/releng/buildTools/scripts/
clean git tagging repos on eclipsebuildserv
0 18 * * 0 /home/users/releng/buildTools/scripts/ /builds/eclipse/sdk37x
0 18 * * 0 /home/users/releng/buildTools/scripts/ /builds/eclipse/sdk37

Eclipse 3.7.2+ test builds from R3_7_maintenance branch of org.eclipse.releng in Git (automatically tagged from R3_7_maintenance branch)

20 9 * * 4 cd /builds; /home/users/releng/buildTools/eclipse37x/runKimMBuildtest

Eclipse 3.6.2+ test builds from R3_6_maintenance branch of org.eclipse.releng in Git (not tagged automatically, have to update maps manually)

26 16 * * 1 cd /builds; /home/users/releng/buildTools/eclipse36x/runMKimBuildTest

Eclipse 3.6.2+ + Java7 from R3_6_maintenance_Java7 of org.eclipse.releng in Git (not tagged automatically, have to update maps manually)

26 18 * * 1 cd /builds; /home/users/releng/buildTools/eclipse36x/runM362Java7

Eclipse 3.5.x test builds from R3_5_maintenance branch of org.eclipse.releng in CVS

cd /builds; /home/users/releng/buildTools/eclipse35x/runMKimBuildTest

3.4.2 test builds from R3_4_maintenance branch of org.eclipse.releng in CVS

cd /builds;  /home/users/releng/buildTools/eclipse34x/runKimTestMBuild

3.2.x test builds from R3_2_maintenance branch of org.eclipse.releng in CVS

cd /builds; /home/users/releng/buildTools/eclipse32x/runMTestBuild-skipPerf

Build scripts

Here is an overview of the build scripts used in the build.

As mentioned above, the builds are initiated by cron.

The integration build is run as follows

# !/bin/sh

cd /builds

command="/home/users/releng/buildTools/eclipse38/ -notify -buildDirectory /builds/I -tagMapFiles -compareMaps -sign -updateSite /builds/transfer/files/updates/3.8-I-builds I"

/home/users/releng/buildTools/extraTools/ $command


If you look search for "buildProjectTags" in this file, you'll see something like this This indicates the tag of the the three releng projects (org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebuilder, org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder, eclipseInternalBuildTools) used to run the build. If you need to run the build with a new version of the builder, update this tag. buildProjectTags=v20120305


The build is rsynced from eclipsebuildserv to to Look in kmoir's crontab for the scripts.

Common build failures

  • Fail to fetch bundles from Orbit - symptom - java net url timeout in build failure message. Start a new build -> timeouts are intermittent.
  • "Error occurred while transforming repository" usually means that the bundle couldn't be fetched from Orbit. For example
Build M20090825-1330 (Timestamp: 200908251330):  The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebuilder/buildAll.xml:166: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder/plugins/org.eclipse.pde.build_3.5.1.R35x_20090721/scripts/build.xml:78: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebuilder/eclipse/buildConfigs/master/customTargets.xml:18: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebuilder/eclipse/buildConfigs/master/allElements.xml:16: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder/plugins/org.eclipse.pde.build_3.5.1.R35x_20090721/scripts/genericTargets.xml:59: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/src/fetch_master.xml:11: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/src/fetch_master.xml:73: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/src/fetch_org.eclipse.sdk.xml:11: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/src/fetch_org.eclipse.sdk.xml:41: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/src/fetch_org.eclipse.platform.xml:11: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/src/fetch_org.eclipse.platform.xml:904: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/src/fetch_org.eclipse.equinox.p2.user.ui.xml:10: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/builds/M200908251330/src/fetch_org.eclipse.equinox.p2.user.ui.xml:304: Error occurred while transforming repository.

Since our build runs in an IBM lab, the http gets for orbit bundles from are usually redirected from to by the foundation. This redirection can be avoided by changing the url in the from to Sometimes it will take a day or so for the internal mirror to get the latest orbit build.

  • Missing dependencies due to erroneous map file submission.  Check that the map file refers to a version of a project that exists in the repo. If the version of a bundle in Git doesn't match the one in the map files, ask team to resubmit and start a new build.
  • Build doesn't proceed - connent not updated etc.  Check for stale Git clone processes on eclipsebuildserv.  ps -ef | grep git.  If there is a git process that's over an hour old, kill it and allow the build to proceed.
  • SDKs fail to provision due to missing dependancies. There are releng logs on each test results page of the build that provide logs of the from the call to the p2 director to provision the zips. The Equinox team is helpful in finding the cause of the problem. See this page for an example.
  • Missing dependencies due to errors in Manifest or missing dependencies in manifest. In the both cases, the error sent to the releng list will look something like
  • Dependencies expressed in manifest and feature don't match. This means that the p2 director cannot resolve the dependencies for the product it is trying to build. The resultant zips for that platform are 0 size. For instance, see bug | bug 258489. Also, you can see the .log files that the directory built by following the Release Engineering build logs link off the Test results build page.
  • Message "Build failed, map files unchanged". This means either one of two things. One - a build ran and the map files were unchanged so it didn't need to run. Two - you restarted a failed build but the map files didn't change. In the second case, you should update this /home/users/releng/buildTools/eclipse38/ to reflect the build id of the last successful build.
  • Message "A problem occured while invoking the director". If there is a compile error in the build, the bundle with the compile error will not be published to the repository. Thus when the director is invoked to build zips, the director operation will fail.
  • The director logs, mirror logs etc. are located on the test results pages, under release engineering logs. Example of 3.6 release engineering logs. The location on the build machine filesystem is

/builds/transfer/files/master/download/drops/<buildId>/buildlogs. If the build has failed invoking the director, the director logs may not be copied to this location yet. In this case, there will be director logs in /builds/<buildId>/org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder/configuration directory.

  • All build tasks are invoked via the userid kmoir on the internal build machine, test machines and

Missing test results

  • The test results page of the build isn't updated until all the test results have completed. To see what machines are currently being used for tests look the the following directory. There will be marker files that correspond to the machine operating system and build number.
-bash-3.00$ ls /home/users/releng/buildTools/markers/*.marker

If you cat the marker files you can see the hostname of the machine that corresponds to the marker file

-bash-3.00$ cat /home/users/releng/buildTools/markers/*.marker

The windows machines run tests via rsh. The linux and mac machines run tests via ssh. The windows machines need to be rebooted every so often. The old build artifacts are cleaned automatically by cron jobs.

  • The windows tests machines crash every so often. The event logs don't indicate that anything is wrong with the build. They are on the KVM next to the Eclipse rack in lab, on number 5 and 6. They can just be rebooted and logged into as the build user. I usually reboot these machines once a week so this doesn't happen.

Restarting the build

Each build has a corresponding directory on eclipsebuildserv in /builds. For instance /builds/I201004291549/. If you cd to the org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebuilder directory, there is a script called buildAll.xml. The main target looks something like this

<target name="main" depends="init">
                <antcall target="buildEclipseSourceDrops" />
                <antcall target="buildMasterFeature" />
                <parallel failonany="true">
                                <antcall target="updatePackProperties" />
                                <antcall target="signMasterFeature" />
                                <antcall target="buildSdkTestFeature" />
                                <ant antfile="${}/../helper.xml" target="verifyCompile" />
                <parallel failonany="true">
                                <antcall target="packageEclipseDistributables" />
                                <ant antfile="${}/equinox.prov/run.xml" />
                                <antcall target="packageRepos" />
                                <antcall target="packageEquinoxDistributables" />

                                <antcall target="apiTooling" />
                                <antcall target="publishEclipse" />
                                <antcall target="publishEquinox" />
                        <antcall target="testEclipse" />
                <antcall target="publishRSS" /> 

If the build fails, you can restart it by commenting out the sections of the build that have already completed in the main target. Then cd to /builds/I201004291549/org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebuilder, for example, and run sh command.txt. This will allow the build to continue. Alternatively, you can add a cron entry to restart the build. For example,

36 20 * * 3 cd /builds/I201004291549/org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebuilder; sh command.txt

It's better to start the build from cron if you need the tests to proceed without having to retain your ssh session.

Common tasks during a milestone

Move to next Orbit milestone build

See bug 373958 comment 2

This is a very simple change this milestone. I just replaced the old Orbit buildId with the new one.

git commit to update to Orbit M6 build

Usually there if there are new Orbit bundles released during a milestone that a team needs to consume, we run test builds before milestone week to ensure that the new Orbit bundles are the right shape etc. For example, see bug bug 368174

Test milestone bundles in org.eclipse.releng.base.builder

Release the relevant subset of bundles to org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder and run a test build to ensure the milestone build can build Eclipse. Update the builder to the milestone build after it's released, run test build.

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