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(Plan Items for ECF 3.6)
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==Plan Items for ECF 3.6==
Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

Revision as of 17:15, 19 January 2013

Scott Lewis

  1. Support for SSL for ECF generic provider bug
  2. More/better documentation bug
  3. (additional help wanted for this): Test for regression and have Equinox/p2 use (in Kepler) the newly added Apache httpclient 4-based filetransfer provider. See bug 337449. NOTE: p2/Eclipse platform has dependency upon us to provide code on +0 release schedule.

Markus Kuppe

  1. Get Bucky build working again (adhere to the EF security policy). NOTE: this work currently blocks p2/Platform needs for bug 337449

Harshana Eranga Martin

  1. Moving Salvo: News Reader toward Tycho based Maven build. (Harshana Eranga Martin) Harshana' Fork Location

Wim Jongman

  1. Moving Salvo to e4 (Wim Jongman)