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Planning Council Agenda

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This page is where we can gather the agenda for the next Eclipse Planning Council face-to-face.


The next face-to-face will be at EclipseWorld in Reston, VA. We will meet in afternoon of Tuesday November 6th at the conference hotel the Hyatt Regency Reston.


This is the big kick-off planning meeting for Ganymede and it behooves all projects who plan to be part of Ganymede to attend this meeting.

Define the Ganymede Musts and Shoulds Rules

We will set the rules for what it means to be part of Ganymede: the should dos and the must dos. We (the EMO) will be enforcing the must dos this year.

Milestone Dates

We will set the milestone dates and the expectations for each milestone (API freeze, code freeze, changes now require two approvals, etc). We will decide whether to use a strict +1, +2 week milestones or whether to use a rolling milestone build - and in either case, the process we are going to use to make it work.

User Interface Guidelines

Bjorn is trying to arrange a report from the User Interface Guidelines Working Group to see if the guidelines are in sufficient shape for us to adopt for Ganymede. Perhaps a must do? And if so, how to we evaluate conformance? What are the rules?


Bjorn will describe the Ganymatic build system and how you will contribute your project.

Supported Platforms

The BIRT team suggests: There should be a set of supported platforms that all participating Eclipse projects agree to support. With the amount of inter-dependence between Eclipse projects, letting each project decide on its own will cause more confusion in the community. An example would be java 5 support in Europa. BIRT wasn't planning on requiring it, until we were surprised and forced to by WTP and EMF deciding without consulting us.

At the very least, let's avoid surprises. Better yet, let's work on a process by which we can collectively decide to add or remove supported platforms.


  • How can we make Ganymede better than Europa?
  • Should we agree to rules about conformance UI guidelines? About framework integration at the UI or API levels?
  • How do we guarantee early adoption of intermediate milestones of between projects rather than waiting for last minute integration testing?
  • How do we ensure API cleanliness (i.e. not relying on other project's internals)?
  • Concerns about the Eclipse Top-Level Project splitting streams (3.x vs. 4.0)?
  • Performance and scalability. Is there consensus ? Actions to improve ? Measurements ?

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