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(Next Meeting)
(Kepler Retrospective)
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* Complete Google Calendar. (dw)
* Complete Google Calendar. (dw)
* Compute Luna SR dates. (dw)
* Compute Luna SR dates. (dw)
== Kepler Retrospective ==
For reference, see [[Planning_Council/Juno_retrospective]].
* what worked:
* what could be better:
:''For both categories, it was felt most had "already been said" (in our on going meetings or previous retrospectives). ''
:''But one new concern was brought up: That "release engineering" is not a very "diverse team" (Markus and David) ... and the concern was "what do we do if they stop doing it". While no one volunteered to help :) it was taken as a valid point to document. Briefly discussed "getting help from Eclipse Foundation", but at same time we wanted it to remain a "community driven" activity in general ... that is, those that have a vested interest in producing and consuming the release should be "in charge" ... and not become a "corporate activity". But, perhaps there could be some help with tools, and similar from Eclipse Foundation? Should b3 aggregator or EPP build become part of "CBI project"? At a minimum, need to make sure some of the process and mechanics are well documented so others could "take over" when necessary.''
== Next Meeting  ==
== Next Meeting  ==

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Meeting Title: Planning Council Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday, November 6, 2013, at 1200 Noon Eastern
Dial in: (See Asterisk service for complete details on SIP, potential new numbers, phone mute commands, etc.)

Phone Numbers: (Check Asterisk/Numbers for more or current phone numbers.)

For all phone lines: Participant conference extension: 710 then enter pin 35498
  • Ottawa (local call in Ottawa) 1-613-454-1403
  • North America (toll free) 1-866-569-4992 (new number), 1-877-369-7806 (old number)
  • Germany (local call anywhere in Germany) +49-692-2224-6059
  • France (local call anywhere in France) +33-17-070-8535
  • UK (toll free) 0800-033-7806
  • Switzerland (local call anywhere in Switzerland) +41-44-580-2115
  • SIP clients:
call, then enter pin 35498.

Members and Attendees

PMC (and Strategic) Reps
Chris Aniszczyk Technology (PMC)
Dani Megert Eclipse (PMC)
Steffen Pingel Mylyn (ALM) PMC
Brian Payton Datatools (PMC)
Doug Schaefer Tools (PMC)
Adrian Mos (Marc Dutoo ) SOA (PMC)
Ed Merks Modeling (PMC)
Ian Bull Rt (PMC)
Chuck Bridgham WTP (PMC)
Gary Xue Birt (PMC)
Wayne Beaton Eclipse Foundation (appointed)
David Williams (appointed Chair)
Strategic Reps
Cedric Brun OBEO (Strategic Developer)
Neil Hauge Oracle (Strategic Developer)
Stephan Merker SAP AG (Strategic Developer)
Markus Knauer Innoopract (Strategic Developer)
Markus Tiede BREDEX (Strategic Developer)
Rajeev Dayal Google (Strategic Developer)
(PMC rep) Actuate (Strategic Developer) X
(PMC rep) IBM (Strategic Developer) X
[no name] CA Inc. (Strategic Consumer) X

Note: "Inactive" refers to Strategic Members or PMCs we have not heard from for a while, and have been unable to convince to participate. Those members can become active again at any time. Contact David Williams if questions.

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.
Y = Yes, attended
N = No, did not
R = regrets sent ahead of time
D = delegated
X = not expected


  •  ?

Kepler SR2

  •  ?

Luna Planning

  • Any new requirements? Any to remove or change?

Progress on Action Items

  • GSoC project for "Development Channel"? (Wayne)
While GSoC is over, for a year, Wayne will at least recall history and open a bug for this..
  • Improved "aggregator examples/doc". (dw -- no progress).
  • [Orbit plan "by end of August". (dw -- no progress)]
  • Complete Google Calendar. (dw)
  • Compute Luna SR dates. (dw)

Next Meeting

  • December 4, 2013 - Regular First Wednesday Meeting


EclipseCon face-to-face follow-through action items. For original meeting notes, see Planning_Council/March_24_2013 and for discussion leading to action items, see Planning_Council/April_10_2013. For last status update, see Planning_Council/May_8_2013.
Luna Wiki page
Kepler Wiki page
Planning Council/Juno retrospective
Planning Council Members
Simultaneous Release Roles and Simultaneous Release Roles/EMO

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