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Planning Council/Cross Project Teams/Tracking

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David Williams (WTP)

Statement of Problem

Last year, we used bugzilla to track compliance, or not, with the requirements of a Simultaneous Release. There was a couple of limitations to that approach that makes us think we can do better.

  • The "summary" of bugs "fixed" or "won't fix" was cumbersome, took a long time to run.
  • It seems "old fashioned" to capture tracking information in bugzilla (why not make a custom web app, for something we do every year).
  • At best, you could note and summarize "yes/no" type responses. Much of "the good stuff" in a simultaneous release process is buried, if documented at all. For example, Projects can say, "yes we have a documented build process", but why not include/require the URL to that documentation.

A proposed Solution

Tracking Tool Proposal

Example Form Input

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