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Performance Bloopers

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Below is a collection of goofs, mistakes, and bad decisions made in developing plugins for the Eclipse platform. Many are standard Java programming problems, some are specific to Eclipse. The intent here is not to pick on the perpetrators (in most cases they in fact eagerly contributed the blooper information!) but rather to help other developers avoid similar pitfalls. The bloopers have been contributed from the community and may have been discovered in Eclipse SDK code or in third party plugins. Since all of Eclipse is implemented as plugins, the issues are usually generally relevant.

Each blooper is structured as a statement of the scenario followed by suggested techniques for avoiding the problem(s). In some cases there are clear steps, in others there really is no solution except to follow the advice of a wise doctor and "don't do that".

The set of bloopers is (sadly) always growing. This site is intended as a resource for developers to consult to build their general knowledge of problems, techniques, etc. Check back often and contribute your own bloopers.