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(Bugs With Possibly High Impact)
(Bugs With Possibly High Impact)
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--[[|Dani]] - 13:00, 17 April 2007 (EDST)
--[[|Dani]] - 13:10 April 17, 2007 (EDST)

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3.3 Performance And Leak Pass

This page contains the current list of items that jumped to our attention while looking at performance and leak problems.


  1. each team investigates its red performance tests and creates bugs with 'performance' keyword where needed
  2. the team lead prioritizes (see below) bugs that have the performance keyword and looks out for other performance related bugs
  3. the team lead prioritizes bugs reporting leaks (add the 'performance' keyword so that we find them easily). Here is a bug list with 'leak' in the summary.
  4. each team starts investigating and fixing their bugs according to assigned priority with the help of the performance team

Fixed items are colored in green
Deferred items are colored in red


The bugs we want to fix get a '3.3' or '3.3 M7' target milestone and the priority using the guidance below. The priority link takes you to the list of the corresponding open 3.3 performance or leak bugs. The ones that are suspected to have high impact are listed below per component.


  • performance test degradations, especially when in the fingerprints
  • bugs that slow down the user in most common scenarios, e.g. full build on startup
  • leaks that happen in common scenarios and grow the memory each time


  • bugs that obviously slow down the user
  • all other leaks that grow each time the scenario is repeated


  • other performance bugs that should be addressed for 3.3
  • leaks that are not real leaks but holding on to last instance

Bugs With Possibly High Impact

Equinox Bundles

Core Headless Startup performance decresed for Eclipse 3.3 (bug 180219)

Equinox Framework

[build] full build after starting with a newly installed build (bug 174930) 

Platform Debug

RetargetAction should not update upon text selection change (bug 180441)

Platform Resources

URIUtil.toURI(IPath) and toURI(String) very expensive (bug 174148)
ContentTypeMatcher does too much work (bug 182337)

Platform UI

[Commands] Commands takes 81% of the time to open a workbench window (bug 179725)
[EditorMgmt] OpenMultipleEditorTest#testOpenMultipleEditors: running (bug 179578)
[Perspectives] PerspectiveSwitchTest#testPerspectiveSwitch 50% slower than M5 (bug 179581)

JDT Core

 4% regression in build performance test #testFullBuildProjectAllWarnings (bug 176808)

--Dani - 13:10 April 17, 2007 (EDST)

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