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How to install Pave from update site.
How to install Pave from update site.

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How to install Pave from update site.

Install Pave from update site

How to install Pave from update site.

First step is to download an Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers.

Select mirror close to your location. And download eclipse archive file.

Next you have to unzip the content on your filesystem.

Find eclipse binary and start it. (eclipse.exe or eclipse)

Next you have to open install new software ... dialog. Go to Help > Install new software ...

Now download the latest zip update from the Pave website:

Going back to eclipse select add type a name (e.g. Pave) and select archive button. Navigate to the downloaded file and select it. Press ok in the dialog.

Next deselect Group items by category checkbox and 3 components should appear. Select all three and click next. And finish the wizard.

Next you will need a Java EE 5 compatible server. Go to eclipse preferences: Window > Preferences (Eclipse > Preferences)

Server > Runtime Environments.

Select existing server adapter or download a new one (Download additional server adapters)

Finish the wizard and configure your selected server.

You are now ready to apply some patterns.

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