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Pave framework is designed to be versatile framework for easy chaining operations. The idea behind it is that multiple standalone operations can be chained to produce more complex product. Pave is context dependent, which means that you can trigger the framework on certain artifacts(PDE project for example).

Pave framework is aimed for plugin developers to automate and produce complex patterns that the end user will can use. Patterns themselves aim to aid the end user in boring and repetitive tasks.

Pave framework is designed to be lightweight and as generic as possible, so maximum flexibility is offered to the plugin develops. Here important statement is that Pave is based on WTP Data Model Framework. Thus we get Data Model Operations that can be executed in DMF compatible in Pave.

For more information on how to embed DMF operation in Pave you can visit our tutorial section or pattern structure page.

Pave comes with three implementations of patterns.

The first one is a simple pattern for generating pattern skeleton. Sounds confusing, but it is rather simple. A pattern consists of at least one data model provider, operation and a declaration in plugin descriptor. This pattern will generate the essentials for you. This pattern is triggered on PDE project node in project explorer. CRUD pattern is Java EE based pattern for generation of Create Read Update Delete session facade for entity or a group of entities. This pattern can be triggered on JPA entity class or artifact. CRUD application is actually an extension of the CRUD Pattern (yep you can extend patterns), which will generate on top of the CRUD session bean JSF front end.

For more information on how the framework works and what more it can do visit our architecture page.

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