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'''PAVE action sequence'''
'''Pave action sequence'''
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'''Extension Points'''
'''Extension Points'''
'''Threading Clues'''
'''Threading Clues'''

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Pave is a framework extending Data Model Wizard Framework. It allows Eclipse developers to define patterns that later can be applied on different artifacts in a context dependent way. Pattern developers can register their functionality through extension points. Every pattern consists of a sequence of one or more operations that receive certain input and generate some result. Pave framework allows the result of one operation to be used as an input for any following ones. A pattern can contribute wizard pages to acquire user input. Pave allows its users to restrict artifacts that their patterns are applicable on. Using the framework functionality, it is easy to add logic to validate input and even override existing validators. Pattern developers can easily extend existing patterns by adding operations. Using patterns, developers can generate code or even whole applications in an instance. Patterns generate error proof code. They can be very useful in educations using the technique learning by example.


Structure of Pave framework


Functionality by modules


Pave action sequence


Extension Points


Threading Clues


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