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Pattern Based Artifact Creation

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  • Full name : org.eclipse.tigerstripe.workbench.base.creationPatterns
  • Purpose : The creationPatterns extension is used to specify the items that appear in the list of "new Artifacts" that can be created from the dropdown list in the Tigerstripe toolbar, from the Tigerstripe Explorer and from class diagrams. All of the existing creation options are specified using this extension point.

In the extension, there are some properties of the tool athat will appear in teh ui - such as the Label, the icon, a description and so on. In addition the extension specifes the type of artifact to be created using the tool, and you may optionally specify additional details about the artifact that will be created - this could be used to apply some default Stereotypes, some specific Annotations, even to add "mandatory" fields to all Entities.

Finally the extension allows for some additional wizard validation logic to be used to prevent or warn users if the values they enter in a wizard do not conform to expectations.

When used with the customNaming, customArtifactMetadata and labelDecoartor extension points the look and feel of Tigerstripe can be changed significantly to be steered towards a specifc user domain.

(Note the creationPatterns can also be used to specify Project creation patterns).

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