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Papyrus New Plugin Submission Process


All new plugins contributed to Papyrus should follow a submition process describe here. The goal of this submition process is to allows all commiters to review the new plugin before it is added to the main development trunk. The goals of this process are:

  • Allow other commiter to be informed of new plugins
  • Allow to review new plugins before they are delivered in the main trunk
  • Let other commiters have a chance to test, check and comment new plugin before it is fully part of Papyrus. This

allows to choose altogether the definitive plugin name, its target repository (core, uml, ...) and to check that coding rules are respected.

  • To provide more robust and well written plugins
  • To simplify the nightly build process


All new plugins shoul be commited in the incoming repository.


  • Your plugin should be fully operational. Do not submit a plugin that is not running
  • Papyrus should still running without your new plugin.
  • Your plugin should follows rules describe in this document [1]
  • The name of your plugin should follow Papyrus naming rules

Submition Process

This is a draft proposal, subject to changes.

  • Develop and test your plugin on your local environement
  • Commit your plugin in the incoming repository
  • Send an email on the Payrus mailing list to inform other developpers
  • wait at least 7 days (unless all commiters say ok)
    • During this period, answer to remarks from others commiters, discuss, rename, do proposed enhancement...
  • Once there are no more objections from other commiters, move your plugin to its final location

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