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System Specification

Safety Analyses

  • Task-based HARA - Learn how to perform hazard analysis and risk assessment (HARA) of robotic behaviors.

Get help, report bugs

You can use the general Papyrus forum to get help for Papyrus for Robotics. The forum can be found at here, please prefix a subject with [Robotics] or [Robotics, ROS2] if your question targets the ROS2 code generation or reverse mechanisms.

If you want to report a bug, you should first check read FAQ. Use the Eclipse bugzilla, in the following link, the product (Papyrus) and the the component (Robotics) are already selected File a Papyrus for Robotics bug. Use the same naming convention as for the forum, i.e. [Robotics] or [Robotics, ROS2] and check out whether the bug is eventually already existing (the browser proposes possible existing bugs as you type your bug title]. Please make also sure that the steps to reproduce the bug are clearly described, eventually add your model.

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