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Papyrus/Photon Work Description

This page is a draft of the roadmap for the ongoing release of Papyrus for the Photon simultaneous release, planned for June 2018. Please fill free to comment the listed tasks or to interact on the Papyrus mailing list if you have any feedback on the content of this page.

All the work realized by CEA LIST is sponsored by CEA LIST, Esterel, Airbus Defence and Space.

All bugs, or feature may be found in the tracker [1]

User Experience and Usability

Developer Experience and Usability

Domain Specific Modeling and Toolsmith

Modeling and design facilities

Oxygen to Photon Migration

  • Hyperlink binding changed from ALT+hover to CTRL+SHIFT+hover

Installation Process


Work in progress

  • Bug 484648: Link with Editor does not work with ModelExplorer customized through EMF Facets
  • Bug 528312: Use the new Provider APIs to efficiently filter/reveal elements in trees
  • Bug 522489: [Sequence Diagram][Tests] JUnit tests for "MessageCreate" need to be updated
  • Bug 527940: [All Diagrams] EditPolicies "RemoveOrphanViewPolicy" for each diagrams must be disabled
  • Bug 519381: [Table] Changing Display label value from the property view doesn't work properly
  • Bug 499555: [Table] Table menu declaration are not correctly displayed and refreshed in the Property View
  • Bug 517741: [Table][Matrix] The row axis must be updated when the filter expressions change
  • Bug 517743: [Table][TreeTable][Matrix] The rows must be updated on all notifications
  • Bug 527496: [Table][TreeTable] Auto Resize cells heights make reappears hidden categories
  • Bug 517744: [Table][Matrix] Columns must be updated on all notifications
  • Bug 527733: [Rich Text] autoResizeCellHeight and wrapText did not work with Rich Text editor
  • Bug 527734: [Table] [Properties View] radio button "display icon" in column header did not work
  • Bug 526803: [Sequence Diagram] At Execution Specification creation messages into it should moved down
  • Bug 526870: [Sequence Diagram] At Execution Specification deletion, elements below it should moved up
  • Bug 527333: [Sequence Diagram] Some error exist in event replacement for execution specification
  • textual editor integration
    • Bug 528199: [Xtext, Constraints] The edition of constraints does not choose a suitable editor (probably duplicate of bug 441962)
    • Bug 527876: [Property View] Facilitate the use of xtext editors in property view
    • Bug 528252: [Properties] Language field does not refresh when switching between opaque expressions of different language
  • Bug 527878: [Composite structure diagram] Unify initial port layout
  • Bug 528421: [API Tools] Change default API Tools settings for Papyrus projects

Call for contributions

  • Bug 528312: Use the new Provider APIs to efficiently filter/reveal elements in trees
    • Please help identifying the trees/dialogs that should be migrated to this new API. Properties View reference/multi-reference dialogs is the obvious first candidate
      • TreeSelectorDialog Bug 528156 Model Explorer/New Relation-ship change the dialog content provider to include text-filter and an History widget
  • Bug 527940: [All Diagrams] EditPolicies "RemoveOrphanViewPolicy" for each diagrams must be disabled
    • Create a bug for each diagram (like Bug 528264). Modify the gmfgen and regenerate it to disable "RemoveOrphanViewPolicy".
  • Architecture improvements:
    • Reduce dependencies (=> propose smallest RCP rather than full one)
    • split dependencies (EMF facet => PDE dependency on facet.core)

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