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== Installation Process ==
== Installation Process ==
==Work added in Photon3.0==
==Work in progress==
==Call for contributions==

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This page is a draft of the roadmap for the ongoing release of Papyrus for the Photon simultaneous release, planned for June 2018. Please fill free to comment the listed tasks or to interact on the Papyrus mailing list if you have any feedback on the content of this page.

All the work realized by CEA LIST is sponsored by CEA LIST, Esterel, Airbus Defence and Space.

Papyrus Photon Roadmap

  • Improve layer functionality
  • Improve migration of models due to modifications of profiles
  • Bug fixes
  • Improve Sequence diagram
  • Improve set of tools about requirement management


  • Remember to check on the current CQs to see if they are still current and that we will not miss any currently required dependencies (e.g. glazed lists in the new orbit or the new dependency) as well as the IPlogs.

User Experience and Usability

Developer Experience and Usability

Domain Specific Modeling and Toolsmith

Modeling and design facilities

Architecture refactoring

Oxygen to Photon Migration

  • Hyperlink binding changed from ALT+hover to CTRL+SHIFT+hover

Installation Process


Work added in Photon3.0

Work in progress

Call for contributions

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