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Papyrus/Oxygen Work Description/NewFeature/ActivityDiagramTasks

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Simplification of actions edition


This feature must simplified the edition of the activity diagram using pin updater and drag n drop strategies.

Pin updater

Update automatically the number of pins according to the properties of the action. Actions which will be supported are:

  • CreateObjectAction
  • ReadSelfAction
  • CallOperationAction
  • CallBehaviorAction
  • SendSignalAction
  • AcceptEventAction
  • AddStructuralFeatureValueAction
  • ReadStructuralFeatureValueAction
  • ValueSpecificationAction

Drag n drop strategies

In case of drag from the model explorer to an action, the object drop will be associate to the action if it is compatible. Eg: drag a signal from the model explorer to an acceptEventAction of the diagram, the signal should be associate to the acceptEventAction as a new trigger.

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