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(Work added in Oxygen 4)
(Work in progress)
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==Work in progress==
==Work in progress==
* [[Profile migration | Profile changes management and model migration]]
* sequence diagram : define additional requirements (movement, creations, ...) and make sure that the diagram respects them
* combine fragments
* papyrus documentation : *.usecases files, containing the means to manipulate the various APIs/functionalities of papyrus in order to help the developers find their mark * quickly and have a general easier time to modify/customize Papyrus.
* Sysml : work on the Sysml profile
* Views : there were widgets to select a file but none to select a repository , Bug 533154 should remediate the problem.

Revision as of 04:53, 22 May 2018

Official Version Papyrus 3.4.0

All bugs may be found in the tracker Papyrus 3.4.0

Add a widget in to the Property View framework, to be able to select a directory (bug 533154)

Work in progress

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