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Papyrus/Neon Work Description/Improvements/Palette Configuration Edit UI

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New Palette configuration models shall be editable with an advance UI


The documentation describe the work in the Neon release on the improvement of the user interface permitting to edit EMF Palette configuration models.


New Palette configuration emf models shall be editable with an advance UI like the actual palette customization available on diagram. For the moment only a standard ecore editor is available.

Index Status Description
REQ_001 [done] New customization SHALL serialize custom palette to palette configuration Ecore models.
REQ_002 [in progress] The editor SHALL be the same than the existing one.
REQ_002.1 [done] Creation of local palette.
REQ_002.2 [done] Edition of palette deployed from plugin(read-only).
REQ_002.3 [done] Edition of palette deployed from workspace.
REQ_002.4 [done] Drop object from UML to the palette to add.
REQ_002.5 [done] Drop object from used profiles to the palette to add.
REQ_003 [done] Old XML palette model SHALL work and be editable.
REQ_004 [done] All palette definition from palette configuration model SHALL be exportable.
REQ_005 In a standalone editor mode an advance tab SHOULD be provide to display element descriptors.
REQ_006 An import button SHOULD permits to load elementType model. The add button of element descriptors have to reference to this model's specialized type.
REQ_007 It SHALL be possible to select on option to deploy new tool entry from model to New Child menu.
REQ_008 [done] It SHALL be possible to select on option to deploy new tool entry from model to assistant popup.
REQ_009 [in progress] Post action SHALL be available on the palette customization dialog.

Current state


  • Using of palette configuration model for:
    • New local palette
    • Edit palette from plug in contribution
  • Export to workspace of modified palette model of plugin contribution and of local palette.
  • Restore default value of palette model of plugin contribution.
  • Delete local and deployed palette from Workspace.
  • New palette model from File>New>Other...
  • ...


A video of the work progression is available here.


  • manage linked element type model definition
  • custom editor to edit only postaction
  • Add New palette entry to new child menu



The related bug of this work is the bug 482669.


A specific branch is used: committers/madam/PaletteConfigurationUI.

Here the related gerrit reviews:

  • Change 64663 First implementation of the new eidtor UI, as a standalone and in customize dialog. Don't take into account of stereotype, profile and postAction.

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