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Presentation Papyrus is an open source component of the Model Development Tools (MDT) subproject to provide an integrated environment for editing UML and SysML models. Specially, this project provides the glue around valuable UML and SysML diagram editors (GMF-based or not) and other MDE tools. It also offers support for UML and SysML profiling mechanisms.

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New & Noteworthy

New & Noteworthy for Juno

New & Noteworthy for Luna

Current Tasks

Incoming Work for Juno

Incoming work for Luna


The project committers are:

  • Ansgar Radermacher (CEA)
  • Arnaud Cuccuru (CEA)
  • Arthur Daussy (ATOS)
  • Camille Letavernier (CEA)
  • Cedric Dumoulin (LIFL)
  • Chokri Mraidha (CEA)
  • Christian Damus (independant)
  • Florian Noyrit (CEA)
  • Mathieu Velten (ATOS)
  • Patrick Tessier (CEA)
  • Raphael Faudou (Samares, project co leader)
  • Remi Schnekenburger (CEA)
  • Saadia Dhouib (CEA)
  • Sebastien Gerard (CEA, project main leader)
  • Tristan FAURE (ATOS)
  • Vincent Lorenzo (CEA)


Any issue should be reported using Bugzilla.

You may also contact the team using the following lists :

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