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Paho Git Repository structure

Since the Paho project is new, the repository structure is still evolving. Here is the current structure and proposals for additional things that are coming along.

Location Description comments
org.eclipse.paho.mqtt.git Top-level MQTT packages
org.eclipse.paho.mqtt.c.git MQTT Client Package - C Language MQTT Client Package - Java Language
org.eclipse.paho.mqtt.lua.git MQTT Client Package - Lua Language
org.eclipse.paho.apps.git MQTT sample and example applications right now, the clients contain their own samples so what is this for?
org.eclipse.paho.esf.git MQTT Application Framework is this an appropriate name? ESF = Eurotech so I guess we want a more generic name

Future needs

Broker - this might be written in C (mosquitto proposed?), or some other language (Java/OSGi). So possibly need 2 trees? or would it be a separate project from Paho? (see discussion)


Utilities (Ian C mentioned a trace utility)

Additional clients (target languages? Python, Perl, PHP...?)

Further IDE tools


  1. Paho may not only contain MQTT clients so having a org.eclipse.mqtt. level makes sense
  2. should all of the client packages be under a .clients. tree rather than having a language-based split at the top level? (this would enable a parallel .brokers. tree with language-specific stuff in future)
  3. ...

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