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Paho/Project Plan

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The initial timeline was presented at the first M2M Industry Working Group face-to-face meeting. The slides are here: http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/d/d4/PahoTimeLine2012.zip


4Q11 Project Provisioning (done)

1Q12 MQTT initial contribution; Client Architecture for Sandbox (done)

2Q12 MQTT Documentation, Tutorials, Cookbook; MQTT over WebSockets

3Q12 Basic end-to-end Sandbox Stack

4Q12 MQTT Client Release 1; Additional Languages and Bindings; Application Frameworks and Eclipse Plugins


???? Join Kepler release train in 2013?

Plans and needs

Some idea of potential code additions are on the page discussing the Repository structure.

Creation of a project plan in the standard Eclipse format is TODO.

Task list

  • Binary releases of C and Java clients for download
  • Tutorials for C and Java clients
  • how to build and use C client on iOS
  • test suite
  • protocol compliance suite for reference implementations
  • update MQTT specification with mqtt.org / mailing list clarifications